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Leslie Ash Plastic Surgery Before and After

Leslie Ash definitely shows what plastic surgery would do if you take it too much. Leslie Ash plastic surgery has ruined her own appearance. You knew it, Leslie’s trout pout is a result of overdone lips enhancement via surgeon’s needle. She regrets her ongoing plastic surgery nightmare.

Leslie Ash Lips Injection

Leslie Ash Lips Injection Before & After Photo

Leslie Ash took her fist lips augmentation in 2002. She then got another procedure a couple years after. However, if many celebrities chose soft lips fillers such as collagen, juvederm and restylane to enhance their lips appearances, Leslie Ash took different one. As some media report, Leslie had implants in her lips.

Her plastic surgeon injected silicone implants. It’s both in her upper and lower lips. Overdone work certainly made Ash’s lips much more unnatural. We can see it in Leslie Ash Before and After plastic surgery picture that her lips are twice bigger than her former thin lips.

You may ask why doesn’t she fix it? Well, lips augmentation via fat injection and implants are less common these days. Silicone implant, importantly, is hard (if not impossible instead) to remove. And like other fillers, the effect of this silicone could take long time. That’s why Leslie’s unnatural lips don’t change even the first procedure has been taken more than a decade ago.

Leslie Ash Plastic Surgery

Leslie Ash Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Like many of us, Leslie also regrets her lips augmentation. Leslie Ash told show This Morning her feeling;

‘When it’s gone badly there’s this shame. I know because I went through it.’

It’s sad that 55-years-old English actress should spend the rest of her life with that nightmare. Bad plastic surgery of Leslie Ash should become lesson for us. What do you think about Leslie plastic surgery?

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