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Liv Tyler Plastic Surgery Before and After

Liv Tyler plastic surgery has widely  spread since about 9 years ago. She used to hate plastic surgery. Liv told that she didn’t like to see creepy faces of those who have plastic surgery. However, she is in business show where physical appearance is an important thing to consider. Daughter of Aerosmith‘s vocalist, Steven Tyler, changed her mind. Plastic surgery is one thing she will consider.

Liv Tyler Lip Augmentation

Liv Tyler Lip Augmentation Before and After Picture

It’s not clear what procedures she took, but Liv Tyler plastic surgery was mainly focused on her body. Some procedures she took were related to her status as a mother.

“I’m definitely going to have some (plastic surgery), I’m sure. Especially when you see what happens to your body after you have a baby,” she said a few years ago.

Many believe that Liv Tyler had had procedures tummy tuck and liposuction. These procedures brought her shape back. However, it happened a few years ago and many people don’t pay more attention to her tummy works these days.

There are other procedures that are still hot until today. Liv Tyler is rumored with lips augmentation and Botox injection. The result of fillers are easy for us to see.

Liv Tyler before and after picture tells us that her lips are changing. We know that Liv Tyler lips are one of her trademarks. But we can see it, American actress who played in films Lord of The Rings and The Incredible Hulk used to have thinner and natural ones. It’s different with her recent lips. Liv Tyler has fuller and plumper lips.

Many people strongly believe that Liv Tyler has gotten lips injection. Lips filler has been injected in both her upper and lower lips. We can see the result of it easily, can’t we?

Another unnatural look can be clearly seen from her face skin appearance. Tyler’s face looks stiff and rigid. It is also flawless without any wrinkles appear. Actually it’s not something suspicious since she is not an old woman yet. She is 38 years old.

Liv Tyler Plastic Surgery

Liv Tyler Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

However, compared to her in a few years earlier Liv Tyler looks much different. She used to have naturally beautiful face. Overdone botox may be reason over her face change. What do you think? Is it just natural aging process, or part of plastic surgery process?


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