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Madonna Plastic Surgery Before After Facelift, Fillers Photos

Madonna Plastic Surgery

Madonna Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Madonna plastic surgery has been a long issue surrounding her personal life.  The ‘Material Girl’ may be ‘Like a Virgin’, but the alleged plastic surgery changes her face and body dramatically. Her face change has been noticed since 1990s. In the early 2000s she seemed a bit more aggressive modifying her face features. Madonna doesn’t seem to meet the stop sign on her rejuvenation way.

Has Madonna had plastic surgery? Madonna plastic surgery, however, attracted many, including plastic surgery experts. If you can’t believe that Madonna is aging naturally, you are not alone. Some experts believe she has enhanced her appearance, especially her face with surgeon assistance.

There are several procedures mentioned. Facelift, botox injection, cheek and lips filler, eyelift/eyelid surgery, boob job and nose job are highly possible done by the singer. Madonna denied that she has had plastic surgery. But you know that there are many celebrities with plastic surgery said no to plastic surgery.

Madonna Facelift, Botox

Madonna before and after plastic surgery pictures show significant differences. Madonna pictures, both the Before and After depict as if she is different person.

Her tight, amazingly flawless face skin makes us question about the exact meaning of aging. Madonna is 57 years old. And as you might think she looks far younger than her age. You don’t think her gene is the cause, do you? Cited from, a Facial Aesthetic Doctor, Dr Andree Douglas even has suspected facelift-botox combo since several years ago.

“I suspect Madonna has Botox injected. Her frown, forehead and crows’ feet appear suspiciously smooth and she is without any of the lines you would naturally expect in a 52-year-old woman. She also shows signs of having had a facelift with some volume restoration at the same time, perhaps using collagen replacer or fat transfer.”

The doctor’s sentences reveal the possible botox-ed areas. Botox injection performed on her forehead and eyes area has made it free of frown and crow’s feet.

Madonna Fillers

Contour change on her face created other suspicions. Michigan-born singer can’t hide her new cheek line. Here Madonna is linked with some cheek filler. Instead of cheek implants, expert suggested some dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid.

Another filler has also been injected, but into her lips. Both upper and lower lips of her have been under suspicion for having filler such as juvederm or collagen. This simply helped Madonna to get more volume in her lips.

Madonna Plastic Surgery Picture Before After

Madonna Facelift, Botox, Filler Photo

Madonna Eyelid Surgery

Eyelift or eyelid surgery is another procedure taken by many celebrities. Who doesn’t want to have fresher and younger eyes look? You would want it more than anyone if you were an idol, wouldn’t you?

By judging her tighter-than-before upper eyelids, experts believe that eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is possible done by Queen of Pop. You maybe know better that Madonna had more covered eye due to wide upper lids when she was young.

While some would defend her but it seems that Madonna and plastic surgery can’t be separated. Madonna now looks much different compared to her in the past. She may stop aging on her face but we can’t deny that she looks unnatural. What do you think? Should we blame this Madonna plastic surgery?

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