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Marisa Tomei Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Marisa Tomei Plastic Surgery

Marisa Tomei Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

We would all agree that Marisa Tomei is a beautiful woman. She looks naturally beautiful. More importantly, Marisa Tomei’s face disguises her actual age. How old is Marisa Tomei? She was born on December 4, 1964, or is 51 years old. Doesn’t she look younger than other women with same age? Well, Marisa Tomei has her own plastic surgery rumor. Many believe that Marisa Tomei plastic surgery is another thing that supports her ageless face.

Although sign of plastic surgeon intervention is not too clear on her face but that doesn’t stop the issue. And you might know better how she changed this whole time. So, do you notice some unusual change on her face, specifically, her nose?

Yes, nose job is the most known procedure linked to Tomei. Well, as Marisa Tomei before and after plastic surgery picture above captures, her nose change is not too obvious. Has she taken minor Rhinoplasty?

Although she is not too open about it, some believe that Rhinoplasty had taken place. If she did take nose surgery it must have been performed mainly on her nose tip area. She didn’t seem to have problem with nose bump, though. She has had slim nose since she was young. However, you may also see that her nose tip appears as if it has been reshaped.

Marisa Tomei plastic surgery is not just about the nose job. As we talked before, Marisa’s face is younger than its age. However, she often appears with unnatural face impression lately. She has similar face to those who have Botox injected to their faces.

Marisa Tomei Plastic Surgery Picture

Marisa Tomei Plastic Surgery Botox Picture

Botox is believed to be Tomei method to fight against aging signs. As we know, Botox is an effective, fast way to reduce wrinkles, frown, and other aging lines. However, overdone Botox has never created good story.

We couldn’t deny that Marisa Tomei has more unnatural face these days. Maybe Botox has been injected a bit too much to her face. Fortunately, she didn’t go too crazy with Botox and saved herself from having frozen face. She still has that beautiful face.

And thanks to Marisa Tomei makeup things seem better. Youthful face of Marisa Tomei amazes many people. She appears 10-15 years younger than she should. We are all happy with that, aren’t we? Let’s hope overdone plastic surgery doesn’t ruin her beauty. What do you think about Marisa Tomei plastic surgery? Tell your thought in comment section bellow.


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