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Mark McGrath Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos

Mark McGrath Plastic Surgery

Mark McGrath Plastic Surgery Before & After Photo

Mark McGrath may be good at singing but he is not that good at plastic surgery. Mark McGrath plastic surgery is considered as reason behind his unnatural face change. 49-year-old American singer never clearly admits his procedure, and he doesn’t have to. Sign of surgeon’s work can be seen easily on his face.

Before and after pictures of Sugar Ray vocalist show significant change. It is difficult for Mcgrath to hide his stiff, wrinkles-free face skin. He was more handsome with his natural face when he was younger. But some work erased that.

Report of Mark McGrath plastic surgery simply grabbed some plastic surgery expert’s attention. They compared Mcgrath’s before and after pictures and some of them agreed that the singer has at least had nose job, botox and face fillers done. Cited from, prominent American celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif told his opinion.

“Mark McGrath may have had a rhinoplasty performed at one point in his life. As of recently, he may have had Botox and facial fillers, but that is all.”

The quote helps us. We can now understand what happened to his face. However, as his comparison photos show us, Mark Mcgrath nose job (rhinoplasty) left minor change. That being said, his surgeon may have performed some minor rhinoplasty. It’s good that he at least didn’t go too far with nose surgery.

Unlike his nose job, some works on his face gave more significant change. We all can see it easily in the pictures. Mark’s flawless face is the first thing we see on him today. Considering his stiff, wax-like face skin we would all agree that Mark Mcgrath had injected the Botox more than enough.

Mark McGrath Plastic Surgery Picture

Mark McGrath Botox, Filler Picture

Some other dermal filler injection — could be juverderm or restylane — added the unnaturalness. This injection, beside helps decreasing wrinkles, also changes his face contour.

But it is sad that Mark didn’t get the best of plastic surgery. He’s either handled by inexperienced doctor or is addicted to plastic surgery. Overall, we can say that Mark McGrath plastic surgery is not as good as his songs. What do you think?


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