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Mary-Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift Photos

Mary-Louise Parker plastic surgery

Mary-Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Mary-Louise Parker plastic surgery pictures are widely spreading on the internet. It’s easy task to find Mary-Louise Parker pictures in which she looks different with her in few years earlier. Mary-Louise Parker plastic surgery is reported to involving some of her face and body parts. Botox, facelift and boobs job are procedures of Mary-Louise Parker plastic surgery.

Actually, when she was 44 years old, Mary-Louise Parker denied plastic surgery. She chose to stay aging naturally. But she is 51 now. And as we can see, she looks much different today. You can compare Mary-Louise Parker plastic surgery photos. Different with natural young Mary-Louise Parker in the past, her face looks like made of wax these days.

So it does make sense if many believe that this condition caused by plastic surgery. Face-lift and Botox are two procedures she may undergo. Unlike actress Tina Fey and Natalie Portman, Mary-Louise Parker takes it too much.

Overdone facelift and Botox create unnatural impression. Mary-Louise doesn’t seem able to show us her natural smile. People with botox are known hard to show their expression naturally because of the Botox effect to their facial muscle. Botox may erase frown lines and wrinkles, but it also main reason for stiff and frozen look of Parker’s face.

Things are getting worse when she adds another overdone procedure, a facelift. Facelift makes her face pulled unnaturally. It’s too tight. Plastic surgery is ruining her face. With bad plastic surgery result on her, American actress who portrayed Nancy Botwin on the series Weeds made many of her fans disappointed. How about you?

Mary-Louise Parker boob job

Mary-Louise Parker Before and After Boob Job

If Botox and face-lift disappoint us, boobs job would relieve many of us. This is just another rumor addressed to her. Boob job has helped Mary Louise Parker to appear sexier. Mary-Louise Parker may visit plastic surgeon to get breast implants.

Pictures of Mary-Louise show clear changes on her breasts. The size is almost doubled. Her boobs shape is also rounder. It is much better than what she had before the boob job. If she did get the boob job, Mary Louise Parker must be happy with her boobs job result.

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