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Matthew Mcconaughey Plastic Surgery, Before After Hair Transplant

Matthew Mcconaughey Plastic Surgery

Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Transplantation Before After

As long as Matthew Mcconaughey’s hair keeps growing, so does his plastic surgery reports. Yep, it is all about his hair. Matthew Mcconaughey plastic surgery has been since a decade ago. However, following his career that is brighter in a few recent years, his plastic surgery issue still makes news.

Matthew Mcconaughey had serious problem with his hair. As you may have known, he struggled with fast hair loss when he was younger. You can see it clearly in the Before and After picture of him. Mcconaughey had almost bald skin on the frontal side of his head due to the thin hair. His thin hair should have worried him much.

But baldness has been an old story. As we can see, bald part on his head has been covered with thicker hair. His hair change was quick enough. That simply made many believe that Matthew has undergone hair transplant procedure.

Well, unlike Nicolas Cage who left the hair issue in silence, Matthew Mcconaughey has admitted that he has taken some procedure, but not surgical one. He was asked by David Letterman on a show related to his hair. Instead of hair transplant Mcconaughey said that his hair growth came from a natural hair loss treatment product named Regenix.

The product seemed to be having an instant effect. But there is no such a natural treatment that grows hair on a bald skin instantly. His product didn’t convince many, including hair experts. Quoted from, an American hair restoration expert, Dr. Alan Bauman told physicians’ viewpoint.

“However, physicians will agree, nothing grows hair on bald skin except hair transplantation. Even Propecia, which works 90% of the time, is designed for the long haul… keeping the hair you have, not re-growth of the hairline.”

Expert’s statement simply strengthens the possible answer; hair transplantation. Well, American actor who gained big success after portrayed Ron Woodroof in film Dallas Buyer Club should be proud of procedure he underwent. He looks better with his new covering.

Matthew Mcconaughey Hair, Botox

Matthew Mcconaughey Plastic Surgery Photo

Hair transplantation, however, is not the only procedure he has. Judging his recent smooth face many believe that Mcconaughey may have had face filler injected. Botox is the most known.

This thing could be his secret behind his smooth, wrinkle-free face. Matthew Mcconaughey is not too open about it. But we have his before after picture to see his face change. What do you say? Did Matthew Mcconaughey have some other procedure?

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