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Megan Fox Before And After Plastic Surgery Photos

Plastic surgery has become more and more of a publicized occurrence. The media has made any possible evidence of a celebrity having undergone the knife publically known. Plastic surgery is seen as a way to maintain a youth-like appearance, but it can be risky. The risk factor is usually forgotten about as, in the end, appearance is important to many celebrities and their fanbases.

Many female celebrities have been rumored to have the surgeries to stop the aging process and keep them beautiful. The idea of needing to be beautiful is seen as being more important than the physical pain the celebrity undergoes, so they do it anyways. While the surgeries become more popularized and sought out, more doctors have started to become experts in that field.

Megan Fox is not an exception, as she has been rumored to have had multiple surgeries throughout the years. In fact, it appears as if she has one almost every year, as she looks different every year. To many, her unarguable beauty has been enhanced, or, depending on who you asked, created, through the surgeries. To others, she has started to look too plastic and fake.

Why Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery, while being incredibly painful as well as risky, is seen as a way to maintain, or create, beauty. There are ways to reduce blemishes, facial scars, and even freckles, reshape noses, and various implants, to make a female look more appealing.

Sometimes these surgeries can end very poorly, resulting in misshapen body parts, broken implants, and various other problems. At one point even Megan Fox had some problems, as she appeared very bloated after having some rumored cheek injections to make her face seem fuller. Many people thought that she ended up looking ridiculous and actually ruined her beauty, but, thankfully, the bloating went down and whatever had went wrong was fixed.

Who Is Megan Fox?

Megan Fox is an actress and model that was born in 1986, making her 30 years old, in Tennessee. Her parents divorced when she was very young, and her mother got remarried later on to a very strict man. Megan Fox says that her parents refused to let her date or have friends over, but she continued to live with her mother until she had enough money to live on her own.

She started dancing and practicing drama from age five to age 10, before pursuing modeling at age 13. She won multiple awards for modeling at the 1999 American Modeling and Talent Convention.

In many interviews Fox has even said that she was extensively bullied in both middle school and high school. She was not bullied for appearance but for her choice of befriending guys rather than girls as well as her fierce personality. She hated school because of the bullying and the lack of interesting topics for her. To her, the education she got was “irrelevant” so she does not approve of formal education.

What Has She Been in?

Fox’s acting career began early with her role in the film Holiday in the Sun, at age 15. She then started to guest star in various television shows, like What I Like About You and Two and a Half Men.

Her film debut was Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, where she played the supporting role for Lindsay Lohan’s character. That then led to her getting a position on the sitcom Hope & Faith before it got canceled.

The big breakout film for Fox was, however, the first Transformers in 2007, as the main love interest. She signed on for the next two Transformers movies, but was taken out of the third one for her negative comments about Michael Bay’s directing. According to her she was asked to gain ten pounds, so she compared him and his methods to Hitler.

Her career did not end after Transformers, though, and instead continued until she got the part of a character in another beloved franchise, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The movies, 2014 and the 206 sequel, featured Fox as April O’Niel.

What Has She Had Done?

The various surgeries she had all started with a very noticeable nose job. Before 2008 she had a wider nose, with a noticeable cleft at the tip. At the 2008 MTV Movie Awards she appeared with a slimmer, cleft-less tipped nose.

It was also apparent that she had gotten lip injections, as her transformation was not little. She had much smaller lips before, so the after shot features a very exaggerated change. People even started to call her a sort of “poor man’s Angelina Jolie” because of her very plump lips.

In 2010, Megan Fox had what was suspected to be face fillers to enhance her cheeks and get rid of her blemishes, such as freckles and acne scars. This resulted in her face appearing very bloated as well as her looking older, but it was later fixed by what people assume was a more professional doctor. In 2011 she appeared again but looking better and more normal.

It is also rumored that she continues to have face fillers or Botox done to maintain her perfect complexion throughout the years. While she does not openly state that she has had work done, it is obvious that she has. The evidence is clear enough to state that she has undergone numerous surgeries throughout the years.

Will We Ever Know the Truth?

Like any other celebrity caught up in rumors, Fox denies ever having undergone plastic surgery. While it may be physically obvious, it is still something that celebrities like to stay on the downlow. Professional surgeons have given their opinions about the matter, stating that it looks very much like she has had face fillers and rhinoplasty. So, it can be assumed that she has, indeed, had more than one surgery done to maintain her beauty, but it is not actually fact until she comes out to agree.

Plastic surgery is a very taboo topic for female celebrities despite how well-known the surgeries and their occurrences are. Megan Fox, like many older female celebrities, does not hide the physical changes but refuses to openly accept that they happened. Looking at before and after photos helps emphasize the evidence to the rumors. The assumptions are pretty accurate after studying pictures of her before her bigger roles that boosted her fame.

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