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Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Just by seeing at Megan Fox Before and After plastic surgery picture it’s easy to see significant differences on her. Dramatic changes make Megan Fox plastic surgery issue is unavoidable. 30-year-old American actress has lost her natural face features. Fox’s recent appearance is linked with several plastic surgery procedures.

Botox injection, lips injection, cheek augmentation, and nose job are procedures she allegedly has. And those are enough to make Megan Fox’s face more unnatural and more “plastic”. Result of the mentioned procedures is easy to see. Let’s see her lips.

These parts are noticeably fuller and plumper than before. It’s clear that actress who portrayed Mikaela Banes in film Transformer had naturally thinner lips in the past. This condition simply makes people believe that Megan Fox has had some lips augmentation via some lips filler injection.

Some injectable fillers are also believed to have been in her cheeks. Cheek augmentation could be reason behind her more protruding cheek. Well, we can see difference of her cheeks in the comparison photos easily, can’t we?

Another non-surgical procedure, Botox injection is also possibly done by her. As many believe that tight, frozen and porcelain-like face skin of Megan Fox is too flawless to be true. Although we know that she is reaching her 30 when aging signs don’t appear crazily on face but that face is too unnatural. By judging recent face skin of her we may say that Fox may have injected Botox a bit too much. She often appears as if she’s another Autobot; (almost completely with) no expression.

Megan Fox Nose Job, Botox

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Botox Before After Photo

From some non-surgical procedures to surgical ones, it seems that Megan Fox has it all. Change via plastic surgeon’s knife can be found on her nose. As some plastic surgery experts believe that Megan Fox plastic surgery also involves nose job. An American plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew Schulman gave an explanation that can help us to guessing better what happened to Megan Fox’s face.

“Megan appears to have had some cosmetic procedures to her face. While she has probably not had anything major, I suspect that she has had a nose refinement and some facial fillers,” the doctor told a few years ago.

That does help us, doesn’t it? However, in spite of obvious changes on her, Megan Fox tends to deny plastic surgery involvement as her beauty enhancement. In other words, we are simply the judges. So, what’s your word? Did Megan Fox have plastic surgery?

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