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Megyn Marie Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After

Megyn Marie Kelly plastic surgery shows that plastic surgery is not an exclusive thing for celebrities. Being a journalist doesn’t mean she doesn’t need beauty enhancement via surgeon’s knife. Megyn Marie Kelly doesn’t give clear statement over her plastic surgery reports, though. Simply, it makes people to speculate about her procedures.

Megyn Marie Kelly Nose Job

Megyn Marie Kelly Nose Job Before and After

Marie Kelly shows some face features changes. In Kelly’s Before and After pictures, we can see changes mainly occur on her nose. While her facelift and Botox rumor are widely spreading, the nose job result is the easiest to see. Fox News journalist was said taking at least nose job, face-lift, Botox and boob job.

Facelift, in many cases of celebrity plastic surgery, has always been close friend of Botox. These two procedures are known as effective method to maintain or regain someone’s youthfulness. Megyn Marie seems to get this combo, too. Some people believe that Kelly has also added some other fillers to rejuvenate her face. Do you see surgery-related change on her face skin?

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Well, some of us would argue that Megyn Marie Kelly has facelift-botox, but the nose job would make many of us to be in one voice. Her nose looks different compared to her previous nose. It looks crooked on the nose bridge. No, that crooked shape is not Photoshop or angle effect. That’s what she has.

Megyn Marie Kelly Plastic Surgery

Megyn Marie Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After Pic

The nostril also looks unnatural. She didn’t have history of accident that broke her nose. Thus, Rhinoplasty (nose job) is the best procedure to explain her nose change.

Megyn’s breasts have also been subject of public discussion since a few years ago. People noticed that she has different boobs compared to hers before. 45-year-old news anchor was considered taking boob job. It then changed her boobs size as well as its shape. She says nothing, but perhaps her comparison picture can help us.

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