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Melania Trump: Cosmetic Surgery?

The Trump name has been all over the news the past couple years, with Donald Trump running for President of the United States.

Melania Trump, Donald Trump’s wife, used to be a model in Europe before moving to the United States and modeling in New York City.

She’s had one child, Barron Trump, in 2006. Since then, she has mainly just been Donald Trump’s wife. Would that cause her to get cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery often gets confused with plastic surgery, but plastic surgery is actually different. Cosmetic surgery is all about enhancing the looks of a person while Melania Trump plastic surgery is fixing things on the body that aren’t natural or are detrimental to their health.

Melania might not be modeling anymore, but she is still the wife of a prolific businessman and could be a future First Lady. Those might make anyone think to look younger and more beautiful.

Her stepdaughter, Ivanka, may also have gotten cosmetic surgery. This could have influenced Melania to do the same, when she saw the results on Ivanka. The surgeries they had done were similar as well.

Thanks to the wealth of the Trump family, it would be easy for any of them to get these procedures done. What did she potentially get changed?

Melania Trump Nose Job ?

Melania’s nose does seem to have changed a little bit. A rhinoplasty would definitely make some changes to her nose, especially the ones that seem to be happening to her.

In the early 2000’s, the bridge of her nose and the end were just a little bit larger. Now, both of them are slim and more befitting of a woman of her status.

In rhinoplasty, many of the incisions are done inside the nose, as to hide the scars from the general public. It is also easily the most popular option for cosmetic surgery.

There are three types of surgery done for rhinoplasty: open, closed, and tiplasty. Each of these has their own unique way of changing the nose.

  • An open nose surgery is meant for people who want the most extensive change to their nose. The incision gives the most access to the nasal structures, making it easy to make a lot of changes.
  • A closed nose surgery is generally done to those who want little changes. They could be slimming the bridge of the nose or other small things that don’t require a huge incision. This one is done on the inside of the nose, meaning there won’t be any visible scars.
  • A tiplasty is meant only for the nasal tip. None of the other parts of the nose will change if a tiplasty is performed.

In all likelihood, she would have gotten a closed nose rhinoplasty, as this only does a small amount of change to the nose.

It would do just enough change to make her nose the shape she wanted, but not so much that she would be unrecognizable.

It’s obvious that it wasn’t the only thing that she changed about her body. What else could there have been?

Melania Trump Larger Breasts Implants?

Being one of the most popular choices in cosmetic surgery, it wouldn’t be surprising if she did enhance her breasts.

She had her son Barron, which could cause a change in her breasts, but maybe not to the extent that they have changed.

As childbirth can cause sagging, there is a chance that she could have gotten a breast lift. This type of breast enhancement is can have a lot of different things done with it.

There is four different types of breast lift surgeries that a cosmetic surgeon may recommend: Crescent Lift, Peri-Aerolar Lift, Vertical Lift, and Inverted T Lift. Each of them are used for different reasons.

Crescent Lifts are used mainly to correct a small amount of sagging, but usually only when there will also be a breast augmentation. This incision is less used than other types of incisions for the lift.

  • The Peri-Areolar Lift is used in the case of mild sagging and usually also makes the areola smaller. This can also be used with breast augmentation.
  • The Vertical Lift is the most commonly used breast lift. It helps reshape the breast with minimal scarring and there are only two incisions.
  • Finally, the Inverted T Lift is used for the most sagging. Sometimes, this technique is used when a person is getting a breast reduction with a lift. This one, since it has more to get rid of, may leave more scarring, but this is easily reduced with proper care and can be hidden under a bikini top.

Out of these, it is most likely that she got the peri-areolar lift, as it also appears like she got a breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation is the most well-known breast enhancement surgery. Implants are used in this type of surgery. The shape of the implant is crucial in giving you the look you want.

Round implants makes your breasts appear fuller and round while shaped implants give your breasts a more gradual sloping effect. Depending on what you want, you will want your implants to reflect it.

Along with the implant, there are also four types of incisions: Inframammary, peri-areolar, trans-axillary, and transumbilical.

  • If you want a larger implant, inframammary is the way to go. The incision is larger which gives the surgeon more room to work with.
  • Peri-areolar is generally used when the augmentation is accompanied by a breast lift. They use the same incision to both lift the breast and add the implant.
  • A trans-axillary incision is done through the armpit. This pushes the implant through your chest and into your breast. This leaves no scars on your armpit, making it easier to hide.
  • Finally, a transumbilical incision is done just above the belly button. This also requires pushing the implant up to the breast, but it leaves no scars behind on the breast.

A round implant with a peri-areolar incision seems to be what Melania got, if she did indeed get breast enhancement surgery. Still, that isn’t all she may have gotten done.

Melania Trump Has Botox?

Botox is the most popular type of cosmetic enhancement in the world. It’s easy to see why it would be so highly sought after. Wrinkles and frown lines seemingly disappear when someone receives Botox.

Wrinkles are formed as people age. The face loses some of its fat, causing the skin to droop and hang. Also, collagen isn’t produced as much as people age, which also causes the skin to lose the elasticity it had when the person was younger.

Botox is one of the treatments you can get to stop wrinkles in their tracks. You can also get filler treatments, which essentially fill in the wrinkles, but they also add volume to your face.

From pictures of Melania, it is a bit odd why she has no wrinkles on her face at all. It could easily be due to getting Botox treatment, especially on her forehead.

She looks like she did when she was in her twenties and thirties, which is saying a lot considering she’s now 46.

Botox stops signals to nerves on your face, causing wrinkles and frown lines to soften. This can give your face a smooth look, but can also cause your face to be hard to move. Many celebrities who’ve gotten Botox treatments will have a stiff looking face.

People who get Botox treatments will have to come back every four to six months to receive another treatment. It isn’t a long lasting treatment, no matter how well it seems to work.

Botox is completed within a few minutes. Thin needles are put into specific muscles on the face and they are injected with the treatment. There’s no anesthesia required and you can be out of the doctor’s office quickly.

  • Typically, it will start working anywhere from three to seven days after the initial treatment and alcohol should be avoided to prevent bruising.
  • There are definitely a lot of side effects from getting these treatments. Headaches and bruising are typical side effects that will go away within a few days.
  • Eye-drooping occurs when the Botox treatment is moved around the face, so it is recommended that you do not touch your face or lay down for a few hours after the treatment.

Another possibility is getting filler treatments. This is used to both erase wrinkles and to give that body part a fuller look.

  • These treatments are different from Botox as they are injected right into the wrinkles. They can also last up to a year, which is six months more than Botox lasts.
  • Hyaluronic acid is one of the potential injection substances you can get for your filler treatment. This is normally made by the human body, so it poses no threat to it. It adds fullness and will fill in wrinkles.
  • There are also collagen injections that you can get. They come from cow or human cells and replenish the missing collagen from the skin. This helps keep your face smoother for longer and can also help get rid of scars.

Melania doesn’t seem to have too much Botox in her system, if she did receive any treatments. Her face can still be moved fairly easily. If anything, she got some treatments on her forehead, something that she might do every few months.

This could also be achieved through a healthy diet and taking extra care of her face, something she likely learned while modeling. Since she is in her late forties, it might just be easier to get treatments.

But Why?

Why are more and more celebrities and well-known people getting cosmetic surgeries? Many of them are incredibly attractive to begin with, but they think they need more.

Melania was a model and is a very attractive person, so it’s hard to understand why she would consider getting cosmetic surgery.

A lot of that has to do with the way society perceives people and their attractiveness. If you don’t look like the pictures in the magazines, which have been incredibly photo shopped, you aren’t attractive enough.

Also, women in particular are scrutinized incredibly for their appearance. They need to look a certain way in order to be even looked at. Sometimes women who aren’t attractive aren’t taken seriously. That also goes the other way around as well.

Many women who are deemed ‘too attractive’ won’t be taken seriously. People will automatically assume they only care about their looks and not about anything else.

Ivanka Trump, for example, is incredibly attractive. A lot of people don’t take her seriously for a lot of different reasons, but she is very smart. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with her B.A. in Economics, just like her older brother Donald.

Melania may have dropped out of school early on, but that doesn’t make her any less intelligent.

Another reason she may have gotten cosmetic surgery is because of how in the limelight she is. She is constantly being put under the spotlight because she’s married to Donald Trump. She might have felt pressure to look her best under all circumstances.

As a model, she was told to look the best. That sentiment might still be in her head, which could have pushed her to change her imperfections, even if others didn’t see them that way.

We can’t forget one last reason why she might have done it. She could have believed her husband would leave her if she grew old. A lot of attractive women have felt something similar to that.

What if my husband only married me for my looks? It happens just as often as women marrying men for their looks. Making themselves look younger might help assure them that they won’t be left for someone else.

Of course, none of this is saying that they only married for looks; this is pure speculation on why Melania might get cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more popular every day. People who are unhappy with the way they look will find the easiest way to change it.

It’s definitely a quick way, but the risks and things that might happen might not be worth it. If you have the money, it’s a lot easier to make that decision.

Melania Trump definitely has the money, but do you think she really went through with it?

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