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Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before and After

Has Melissa Gilbert had plastic surgery? Simple answer, yes she has it. Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery is admitted by herself. But Melissa doesn’t admit all of her plastic surgery rumors. As she told  some online media, she admits her boob job, but not the rest.

Melissa Gilbert Boobs Job

Melissa Gilbert Boob Job Before and After Picture

However, rumors tell more. There are some notable changes on her face. These changes can be found on her nose, lips and face skin. As many people thought, Melissa Gilbert may have nose job, lips injection and Botox injection.

Let’s talk about Melissa Gilbert boobs first. These “assets” of her are a hot topic among her fans. Luckily, Melissa Gilbert makes her boob jobs report clear. She said that she had had breast augmentation. However, as she told, Melissa Gilbert got small breast implants.

“Then and there, without doing any research, I made the decision, to get my breasts augmented. Not too big, just enough to fill up the ‘socks’.”  she said. Melissa Gilbert admitted that she took breasts implants when she was single after her divorce with first husband. She added that the surgery went perfectly.

Perfect breast implants result seemed to make her addicted. Few years after her first breast augmentation, Melissa Gilbert came back to plastic surgeon office to get another silicone implants. But unlike her first procedure, this time her implants make her feel insecure.

Instead of make her feels more confidence, she said that she was fearful of having silicone implants in her body. Melissa Gilbert then decided to remove her implants. Yes, Melissa Gilbert took breasts reduction.

As you can see from many recent pictures of Gilbert, she now has flatter chest. Although many of us maybe disappointed, but Melissa Gilbert is happy with her breast reduction decision.

And as stated before, plastic surgery is also possibly done on her face. One procedure she may have lip injection. Melissa Gilbert is rumored of having lips filler both in her upper and lower lips. There’s no clear statement from her, though. But we can see that her lips are fuller than hers before.

Another unconfirmed procedure is related with her nose. Melissa Gilbert is said reshape her nose with nose job or rhinoplasty procedure. Melissa Gilbert is also rumored to getting Botox injection. Some people even believe that Melissa Gilbert may have face-lift. It’s like Mary-Louise Parker and Beverly D Angelo, facelift and botox have also brought unnatural look to Gilbert.

Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery

Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before and After

However, we couldn’t deny if she looks younger with wrinkle-free face. It would make many us forget about Melissa Gilbert age. She is 51 years old. But unlike her boob job, Melissa Gilbert tends to deny these procedures.

“Aging is a gift not a curse. Love yourself. You are perfectly beautiful. You are enough.” Gilbert said.

So, what will you say about Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery, especially on her face? Does she have it?

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