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Melissa Rauch Before And After Plastic Surgery

It is a common occurrence that celebrities from all walks of life will have plastic surgery done at some time in their lives. Some will admit to it, others will not. This does not apply to all celebrities.

In today’s article, we are talking about the plastic surgery rumor that has been conducted on Big Bang Theory star, Melissa Rauch and whether or not she has had plastic surgery done to reduce her breast size.

Who is She?

Melissa Ivy Rauch is an American stand up comedienne and actress who was born on the 23rd of June 1980 in the New Jersey town of Marlboro Township. Known as a popular face on both the small and big screens, Melissa made her screen debut in 2006 in the film Delirious. Rauch attended Marymount Manhattan College in which she graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Acting. Before this, she attended Marlboro High School from which she graduated as a senior student.

What Is She Known for?

Rauch is best known for her role as Doctor Bernadette Rostenkowski (later Doctor Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz) the wife of Howard Wolowitz in the highly popular television comedy series, The Big Bang Theory in which she has since become a household name. Since her acting debut in 2006, Melissa has been involved with the following projects:

  • Kath and Kim [American Version] – 2008-2009

  • 12 Miles of a Bad Road – 2007

  • The Office [American Version] – 2010

  • True Blood – 2010

  • Wright vs. Wrong – 2010

  • The Bronze – 2015

  • Are You Here – 2013

  • In Lieu of Flowers – 2013

  • The Condom Killer – 2009 (in which she was a director)

  • I Love You, Man – 2009 [Film]

She is also best known for her one-woman comedy show entitled The Miss Education of Jenna Bush for which she has won an award that is mentioned a little later in this article.

Awards She has Won

As part of the cast of The Big Bang Theory, Rauch has been nominated (alongside the cast) by the Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

Her stand-up comedy work has been praised. For her one-woman comedy show, The Miss Education of Jenna Bush, Rauch has been rewarded the Outstanding Solo Show and the Theatre Mania Audience Favorite Awards.

While not an award, Rauch was also inducted into the Maxim Hot 100 list at number 64 in 2014 which is quite the achievement.

What Plastic Surgery has she had Done?

It has been rumored that Rauch has undergone plastic surgery due to her reduced breast size that has been noticed at recent events in which Rauch has recently attended. The surgery, as it seems, was not done to alter her appearance in any way but to help with reduce the size of her voluminous breast size on her thin frame of body. It has done good wonders to her figure as can be seen if photos of photos are compared to those a few years ago.

It appears that Rauch was not satisfied with her breast size and looked into having a breast reduction which appears to have been successful.

What is a Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction, for anyone that is not aware is also known as a reduction mammoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that is used in order to remove extra fat, tissue as well as skin that the breast areas to ease any unneeded discomfort the breasts might cause.

Upon having this surgery, it can greatly reduce back pain that might occur from having enlarged breasts. Plus, the reduction will also help with any neck pain that might be suffered. There are also other physical symptoms which might persuade a person enough to get surgery. Yes, ‘person’ was said, not ‘woman’.

Basically, reduced breast size means a reduced bra size and has NOT been done to change Rauch’s beauty in any way but to help her feel more comfortable in her body.

It is always best to get advice from a trusted surgeon before even considering getting a breast reduction. During these meetings with a surgeon, you will question about your family history, rather or not you have had a lump removed and other medical conditions that you might have that might be risk factor.

You may also be asked about emotional issues, whether you smoke and what medication you take as and why you are seeking surgery to begin with.

The surgeon will take photos of your breasts, as well as measure them. You will also be asked to how much tissue you want removed. An examination where you will have a mammogram will be done before any surgery can be undertaken.

There is a downside if you smoke or take drugs such as Aspirin, Motrin and Aleve and/or any anti-inflammatory medication you might be taking. You will have to stop smoking and taking these drugs. Your surgeon will give you a list of things that will have to be done beforehand.


While Rauch’s main trademark were her big breasts, her new trademark seems to be her new look figure which gives plenty of complements to her thin yet petite body frame. While Rauch has never actually admitted to having the surgery, we have to admit that her flaunting her body at recent events has us wondering whether she has actually had the surgery done.

It should be noted that Rauch has not exactly denied that she has had the surgery and that she has accepted that she has undergone the surgery for her breast reduction.

It has been said that she was so annoyed by her large breasts while she was filming that she felt that needed to take action and get something done about it before it consumed her. Because of this surgery, she can now go to the beach and bikinis if she so desires.

For now, we just have to settle for what we see.


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