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Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Michelle Phan is one of Youtube stars turned celebrity, who teaches people about various makeup tips. She has millions of followers on her channel. Many found that Michelle Phan was surgery-free, another possible reason why many liked her beauty tutorials. But story changed when report about Michelle Phan plastic surgery spread. Some believe that Michelle Phan is no more natural. Some changes on her face have attracted many people and linked it with plastic surgery.

Her face has been being main subject of her videos. And her viewers would notice even small change on it easily. Michelle Phan may have known it well, that she can’t hide traces of plastic surgeon knife on her face. She then admitted it. Michelle Phan was reported that she admitted Botox and some other filler injection. Although some defend her, but Michelle Phan plastic surgery certainly makes many of her followers disappointed.

Issue of Michelle Phan plastic surgery doesn’t stop there. Many believe that Michelle Phan lies about procedures she has gotten. In other words, Michelle Phan is highly possible enhancing her face with some other surgical procedures, not just injections. There are some other procedures she may have; nose job, chin surgery, jaw reduction and eyelid surgery.

Although those surgical procedures are excluded from her admission, we can see that the related parts are changed. Michelle Phan before and after plastic surgery pictures can help us to see the change. Let’s take a look at her nose. Doesn’t this part look different? Change on her nose may not too significant, but we may see that her nose is smaller and slimmer than before. Here Michelle Phan is simply rumored with nose job (Rhinoplasty), a possible reason over her nose change.

Well, if Michelle Phan nose job left only small change then the reduction of her jaw and chin gave more significant face change. Many knew that Michelle Phan had wider jaw and chin when she first appeared with her videos. But those parts have changed. As many believe, Michelle Phan may have undergone chin and jaw reduction. Despite unusual, drastic change on those parts, some still believe that it’s just due to Michelle Phan weight loss. Regardless exact cause behind it, we can see changes on those parts easily, can’t we?

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Jaw Reduction

Michelle Phan, who won Shorty Award for Best YouTube Guru in 2014, is also rumored with work done to her eyes. Michelle Phan eyelid is believed as another fake part of her. The eyelid surgery is simply aimed to make her eyes bigger. It makes sense since we know that Michelle Phan had smaller eye look before. Upper eyelids of her seem to get more work done. Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) could be procedure that changes her eyelids.

What do you think about Michelle Phan plastic surgery? Do you believe she gets all of those surgical procedures? Or is her face change coming from her makeup skill?

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