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Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery, Before After Nose Job, Implant Pictures

You maybe know it, Mickey Rourke has been considered as one of the worst male celebrity plastic surgery examples. Mickey Rourke plastic surgery involves some reconstructive plastic surgery procedures. He took it due to his ‘broken’ face after years of actively involved in boxing world.

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

But as Mickey Rourke admits, he visited wrong guy. Instead of gets better face, plastic surgeon ruins his face. Mickey Rourke gets another plastic surgeries to fix his face problem.

Back in 2014, Mickey’s reconstructive plastic surgery seemed to make him happy. It made him looked better. But sadly, that good result didn’t last forever. Mickey Rourke now appears with another new botched face.

Some online media report that actor who took part in films Iron Man 2 and The Expendables has at least nose job, chin surgery as well as bone grafting. However, his cheek is also allegedly having implants in it.

Let’s talk about his nose first. If we look at recent photos of Rourke, the nose job result is obvious. It was said that Rourke’s nose specialist took one of his rib bones and placed it in his nose.

We all can see significant change on her nose. Anyhow, his nose looks bigger than before. We couldn’t say that nose job fixes his nose. Mickey Rourke before plastic surgery had had much better nose shape.

Similar procedure is also done in her chin. Chin surgery with same bone grafting method was performed to reshape his former broken chin. Well, the nose job and chin surgery seem to hit him too hard. Plastic surgery makes his face even worse than punched by all of his opponents.

Mickey Rourke Bad Plastic Surgery

Mickey Rourke Bad Plastic Surgery

Cheek implants becomes another rumor related to Mickey Rourke plastic surgery. No clear evidence, though. But some unnatural look on his cheek can be a clue.

Overall, as Mickey Rourke Before and After plastic surgery pictures show, his face is far from good. His face skin is uneven. Wrinkles are making things worse. Young handsome Mickey Rourke is now just a history. Does he visit wrong plastic surgeon consciously, again and again?

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