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Milla Jovovich Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

This originally Ukrainian USSR citizen, Milla Jovovich, jumped from her early humble beginnings into international action star seemingly overnight. From model to actress, many recognize this woman by her strikingly good looking features; but, are those features all natural or a result of various plastic surgeries. Looking at her original younger phots, there is definitely a huge change in facial structure, particularly with the nose area. That is one of the only surgeries confirmed by the actress at the time being, but it is followed up with speculations about lips injections, cheek fillers, and multiple eye lifts. Read and stick around to hear more about Milla Jovovich and how her career made her feel the necessity to go under the knife.

Before The Surgery

After immigrating to the UK at the tender age of five with the rest of her family, Mila set out to find herself. Yes, from an early age, her parents say that they knew he girl was something to marvel, something special. Not too long after the family’s first move, the Jovovich family moved to Los Angles, California, the city where dreams come true. It was here that Milla’s true story as an actress and her later story having plastic surgery would begin.

To make ends meet, Milla and her siblings would be auditioned for commercials and child fashion shows. Her mother had tried to act but found difficulty with the language barrier; but, where her mother had failed, Milla picked up speed. By her young teens, the woman had been in various commercials, modeling shows, and a few independent films. Some of which include “The Night Train to Kathmandu” and an erotic thriller entitled, “Two Moon Junction. She also modeled for hugely popular magazines like Vogue, The Face, and Cosmopolitan.

Being in this beauty oriented yet skewed perspective most of her young adult life, Milla became very attached to her adolescent feelings about conventional beauty and plastic surgery. It is here that the influence of plastic surgery began to terraform itself in her mind. But then she made her big break in cult classic like “Dazed and Confused,” “The Fifth Element,” and of course the “Resident Evil” series of movies.

Before the plastic surgeries, Milla was another foreign and gorgeous girl. Those looks are what launched her ten-year modeling career, but gorgeous is never enough in Hollywood. When transitioning to movie star actress, you must look perfect all the time. The movie can’t be touched up by photoshop like the many modeling photos. So all fixing must be permanent-something that can only be accomplished through plastic surgeries and recovery sessions.

This lead to the nose job that Jovovich got many years ago. Following up that surgery, she has also admitted to an enhancement surgery to her natural set of teeth, along with certain replacements in the mouth area as well. However, those are not only surgeries speculated about Milla Jovovich. No, many also believe that she may have had multiple eye lifts and eye correcting surgery, along with a few lip injections, cheek fillers, and regular hots of Botox distributed to the forehead and cheeks. Let’s dive in a little deeper to uncover our evidence and speculations to find the possible truth.

Milla Jovovich Plastic Surgery

Milla Jovovich Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Nose Jobs

Although not outright confirmed by Milla Jovovich herself, she has also not contradicted any accusations of her nose job. Instead, she just looks around guiltily when the topic arises, and for honest good reason. When looking at her younger modeling photos, it is easy to see that her nose is round and button like. It is common to see this in a growing child or adolescent, but it was a part of Milla Jovovich’s aesthetic in her younger years. Her nose softened her face, therefore, softening her features.

Now, her nose is tight and taught on her face, a little too visually striking to the casual viewers of her films. That type of nose growth and change is unheard of in natural growth. Your face does not transform so much between early teens and late 20s, so it can almost be totally assured that some type of intervention took place here. Thankfully, the nose job did not mess up her natural beauty.

Milla Jovovich Nose Job

Milla Jovovich Before and After Nose Job

Teeth Enhancement and Replacement

In filming for Resident Evil, Milla Jovovich’s character, Alice, does a variety of action packed stunts. Some of these can be very dangerous and can put the actress in harm’s way—which it has. When filming one of the first Resident Evil movies, Milla Jovovich chipped away at one of her teeth after a nasty fall on set. Thankfully, it wasn’t a huge noticeable knock to her set of teeth, but after the shoot was all said and done, the chip’s presence began to bother Jovovich further.

This led to the actress finally undergoing a surgical procedure to have the chip fixed up. She also got some plastic surgery in the form of oral veneers. This would enhance her smile and the way her mouth moved on screen. Sadly, after the procedure and spending all of that money on a new set of teeth, Jovovich admitted to not being happy with the ending product. She said that she was not happy about the change in appearance the first procedure did to her face.

Thankfully for her, she found another doctor not too long after to do a better job on her teeth. This time she knew precisely wat she wanted and how she wanted her veneers fitted. This turned out having much more natural and visually pleasing results, much to Milla Jovoch’s pleasure. Now she has regained her original smile with enhancements added to her brand new teeth.

Multiple Eye Lifts and Eyelid Surgery

The positioning of Milla Jovovich’s eyes has become a debatable topic when regarding her plastic surgery. This is because some have noticed that it seems that her eyes are more sunken in that they used to be. However, others also argue that this is just a result of getting older, as it is a trait of an ageing face.

But what throws people off is the fact that the skin around the eyes is so very taught. Normally wrinkles or crow’s feet or lines surround sunken in eyes, but that is not the case with Milla Jovovich. Instead her eyes are tightly piercing through the movie screen and press prompt photos, leading to gossip of eye lifts and eyelid surgery.

Lip Injections

A little bit of plumping is rather common amongst Hollywood folk, so we would not be surprised if it was used by Milla Jovovich for special occasions and on movie sets. It seems that the casual photos of Jovovich never have her lips as fluffy and prominent as they are in the movies and on the red carpet. Could they be perhaps a result of quick lip pumping gels or a surgical lip injection?

Cheek Fillers

Cheek Fillers are a rather common thing in the cosmetic surgery world today. Rising in popularity the past two years, it has always been huge in Hollywood to hollow out and redefine the cheek shape. If Milla Jovovich did not get the nose job that many are so assured of then this could explain the tightness in the center of her face. The cheek fillers could be bulking down her cheekbones, thus, leaving little space to cushion her nasal bridge. So, it would make sense that her nose looked so different from before. However, the more likely possibility is that Milla Jovovich has had both procedures done to make such a striking effect on her face.

Forehead and Cheek Botox Shots

Botox is a language all its own in Los Angles. It keeps celebrities looking like they are twenty when they are really in their early forties. Mila Jovovich is getting up there in terms of age, so it would not be surprising to find that she has tried some Botox at one point or another. It would give a well needed explanation as to why she never has wrinkles or lines on her upper forehead. Could this be one of the actress’s secrets to stay in the fresh, younger ranking among Hollywood starlets?


In the end, with plastic surgeries or not, Milla Jovovich is an extremely beautiful woman; her enhancements have only aiding in her beauty instead of ruining her face; although, other fans would beg to disagree. Instead, they think she should have never touched her face and she would look much better without any cosmetic action taken place.

Funnily enough, Milla has announced her stance on facial reconstruction and plastic surgery to be very forward thinking and positive. This includes her saying once before that women should feel confident in their bodies and faces, but change if they so desire. In a quote, her exact words from the comment were, “Until you can’t bear to look in the mirror without feeling uncomfortable, don’t touch yourself. What is it you people say? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Because you will break it.”


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