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Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After

Changes on her face make Minka Kelly plastic surgery issue widely spreads. Minka said that she rejected some Playboy people’s advice to get plastic surgery when she was 19 years old. That’s an old story and time could change her mind. Now, Minka Kelly looks different compared to her few years before.

Minka Kelly Nose Job

Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery Before & After Picture

Here comes nose job that closely linked with Minka Kelly. Although the actress doesn’t give clear statement but her nose deserves the suspicion. Many people believe that Kelly may visit surgeon’s office to fix her nose. Her before and after picture tells clear clue.

Minka Kelly before the nose job wouldn’t impress you much. Means, her former nose didn’t look so good. It was bulbous and flatter. But different nose shape then showed in the After picture. Minka’s nose looks much slimmer. Look at the nose bridge and nose wing. These parts of her nose were wide and big. Thanks to rhinoplasty, Minka now has better nose shape.

Beside nose job, another possible procedure is Botox. Botox is considered as the secret behind Minka’s disappearing wrinkles. Many online media are highlighting this condition. Minka Kelly appears different without forehead wrinkles. You probably knew better that it was easy to see wrinkles on her forehead.

Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery

Minka Kell Before and After Botox Picture

Again, Minka Kelly Before and After picture shows the possibility of surgeon’s work. Wrinkles were clearly lying on her forehead. But that’s before Botox took place. Botox seems bring the peace to her mind. It effectively erased wrinkles on her forehead.

Botox is one of the most popular ways to fight against aging, and Minka Kelly seems to know it well. Actress who played on popular series Friday Night Lights and Charlie’s Angels looks younger then her real 35 years age. Like Natalie Portman, Minka Kelly should be on the good celebrity plastic surgery list. Do you agree?

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