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Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Before and Picture

Plastic surgery is not exclusively for those who work in front of camera. People working with government also need beauty enhancement with similar method. Nancy Pelosi has been one of American politicians who is linked with plastic surgeon knife. Nancy Pelosi plastic surgery surfaced after many couldn’t believe her youthful face is caused by her own gene. So, what has she done to her face? Has Nancy Pelosi had plastic surgery?

As you can see in Nancy Pelosi before and after plastic surgery picture, she appears with youthful face. In case you don’t know her age, Pelosi is 76 years old. She is over 70 and it is time for her to normally get her skin slacked. But instead of droopy skin, Nancy Pelosi shows tight, youthful skin on her face. Comparing her age to her face makes us understand why many believe she has had plastic surgery.

By examining comparison photos of her we can say that her plastic surgery mainly involves her face skin. She doesn’t show significant change on parts such as eyelids and cheeks where old women usually get eyelid surgery and cheek augmentation in their rejuvenation effort. As many believe face-lift is the most possible procedure she has taken. Nancy Pelosi’s face appears so tight for woman her age. This state simply strengthens the possibility of facelift.

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Facelift

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Facelift Photo

Considering result of procedure she took we can say that her plastic surgeon has done good work. Facelift, as its main goal, has pulled Pelosi’s face skin effectively. Differences on Nancy’s face are seen in the before-after photos. We could see some aging marks in the Before picture. Wrinkles, frown, and crow’s feet were her friends. Well, thanks to the facelift those frightening aging terror have been vanished.

Nancy Pelosi plastic surgery is as good as her career. Facelift makes her appear 20 or more years younger than she should. Doesn’t that sound good? As a prominent politician she deserves the best beauty enhancement she could get to serve the people. What do you think about Pelosi plastic surgery? Give your comment below.


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