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Naomi Watts Plastic Surgery Before After Botox

Naomi Watts Plastic Surgery

Naomi Watts Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

As she herself admitted, Naomi Watts is not against plastic surgery. However, Naomi Watts plastic surgery is not too clear since she insisted that she doesn’t have any plastic surgery. But we can’t help, Naomi Watts’s view about plastic surgery makes herself to be linked with plastic surgeon knife intervention on her.

“It’s not easy watching yourself get older, but when I look at two women in their fifties or sixties or seventies side by side, one who’s had surgery and one who hasn’t, I think one likes themselves a lot more and one looks more dignified and graceful. And I hope I get to stay being that woman. But I would never say “never,” she told InStyle UK last year.

And rumor has it. Many think that Naomi Watts has taken some procedure to preserve her youthfulness. Plastic surgery is simply considered as reason behind her youthful face. As we can see in Before and After pictures of her, she looks like as if she doesn’t age. British-Australian actress is 47 years old. That age, finding aging signs on her face should be an easy task. But her recent face appearance makes that task is harder.

Naomi Watts shows smooth, flawless face skin that would amaze most of us. This condition makes many believe that Naomi Watts has had botox injected in there. As we know, Botox is widely used by many celebrities in their effort to fight aging.

Back to Naomi Watts, actress who played in films King Kong (2005) and Birdman (2014) may have injected Botox mainly in her forehead and cheek. Considering her age, doesn’t her forehead look too good? The alleged procedure has made her face to appear younger than it should.

Naomi Watts Botox

Naomi Watts Before and After Botox Photo

And unlike some other celebrities like Renee Zellweger and Uma Thurman who went crazy with Botox injection, Naomi Watts can control herself. By seeing recent appearance of her face we may say that Naomi Watts has taken Botox in good dose. This nonsurgical procedure has been performed well on Watts.

Well, if Naomi Watts never undergoes plastic surgery then we should ask her advice for having such a flawless face in her nearly 50.

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