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Natalie Portman Plastic Surgery

Natalie Portman plastic surgery is one of the most popular among Hollywood celebrities. Changes on Portman face have made herself much different. There is no clear statement from her about plastic surgery. But significant changes on her face are more than enough to guess what happened to her.

Natalie Portman plastic surgery

Natalie Portman Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Significant change mainly found on her nose. Nose job is procedure she highly possibly has. You can see her Before and After photo. Natalie used to have bigger nose shape. Not bulbous one, but it’s bigger compared to what she has today.

Aging couldn’t make such change. So, it’s reasonable if many people believe that Natalie Portman has had nose job done. However, Rhinoplasty procedure taken seems a good choice. Nose specialist gave Natalie new, slimmer nose shape. Her nasal bridge and nose wing look better now.

Natalie Portman plastic surgery doesn’t stop there. 34 years old Israeli-American actress has also been believed to get Botox. This botox issue arises when people noticed unusual face appearance of Natalie. Her face looked too flawless. It is wrinkle-free and even stiff.

Natalie Portman nose job, botox

Natalie Portman Nose Job & Botox Photo

Botox has successfully erased aging signs on Natalie Portman face. She looks younger with that. This condition should make Natalie proud of plastic surgery procedures she took. Natalie Portman is one of good celebrity plastic surgery examples.

However, by looking at her recent appearance, it would be better if she stops taking further procedure. Further plastic surgery would make her appearance more “plastic”. She doesn’t seem need another nip and tuck, does she?

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