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Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before and After Implants Pictures

Nicki Minaj face and body transformations bring speculation about plastic surgery intervention. We know it, that 33-year-old American singer has changed her appearance dramatically. Compared to her in the past, Nicki Minaj has different appearances here and there throughout her face and body. Is Nicki Minaj plastic surgery true?

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Nicki Minaj seems to be having the same view with Amber Rose about plastic surgery. They don’t clearly admit plastic surgery. However the sign of plastic surgeon works are easy to see. Nicki Minaj seems to be a bit addicted to plastic surgery.

Beside unconfirmed nose job, Nicki also has several excessive procedures especially on her boobs and butt. As you might have guessed, Nicki allegedly has boob job and butt augmentation.

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Let’s see Nicki Minaj Before and After plastic surgery pictures, do you see significant change on her face, mainly on her nose? Some (if not all) of us would see it. Her nose has a bit changed. Nicki Minaj was reported has had nose job done. However it is highly possible that her nose specialist has performed minor Rhinoplasty (nose job). We wouldn’t see drastic change on her nose, would you?

If you can’t see big change on Nicki’s nose then you will see significant alteration on her boobs and butt. These parts of her body would easily be seen even if you see her from hundreds meters away. Those are just big, and never that big before.

Nicki Minaj fake tits make people curious. Nicki’s boobs are far bigger than it used to be. Her chest looks crowded with round and tight boobs on it. Well, as many people believe Nicki Minaj has implants in it. Breast implants have enhanced her boobs appearance. So, with her 34D boobs size , do you think she looks sexier?

Now for those who don’t think that her boobs is supporting her sexiness, how about her butt?  We see it from her Before and After photo, her backside is so big today. You may say that recent butt of Nicki Minaj is both sexy and weird. Why weird? Well, her butt is too big for her waist. It looks unnatural for sure.

Nicki Minaj Butt Implants

Nicki Minaj Butt Implants Before & After Photo

Some plastic surgery experts said that such ratio imbalance is an indication of butt implants or fat injection. Nicki, as many believe, may have taken butt implants. These things are creating big and round butt there. However, Nicki seems to love make people speculating about her plastic surgery. Do you think Nicki Minaj plastic surgery involves her butt, too?

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