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Nicolas Cage Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Nicolas Cage Plastic Surgery

Nicolas Cage Plastic Surgery Before After Photo

Nicolas Cage plastic surgery has been a speculation since film Face/Off. But there’s no strong evidence. However unnatural, different look of him in a few past years sparks his plastic surgery issue, again. You might have read somewhere that Cage plastic surgery mainly involves three procedures; facelift, botox and nose job. Do we need to mention hair transplant like some sources said?

Let’s focus on procedures on his face. We have seen Nicolas Cage before and after plastic surgery pictures. There we can see clear difference between him before and after plastic surgery. Look at his face skin. His face skin is main reason over his unnatural look.

We can see that the skin looks tighter than before. It looks as if it is pulled overly. This tight skin affects his cheek and eyes appearance. This state strengthens the facelift issue. His smooth and flawless face just adds the unnaturalness.

Botox injection is considered as secret behind Nicolas’ smooth face. The botox, however, has been injected a bit too much. We can say that because his face appears far unnatural than it before the alleged procedure. Nicolas Cage is 52 years old, do you think botox helps him maintain his youthfulness?

There is another procedure that many mention related to Nicolas Cage plastic surgery. It is nose job. We may not sure about Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) on Nic. We couldn’t see significant change on his nose, could we?

Nicolas Cage Botox

Nicolas Cage Facelift, Botox Picture

But we can’t help. By comparing past and present photos of him many believe that Nicolas Cage has had work done. Moreover, plastic surgery is now not exclusive thing for women. Some other male celebrities are also enhancing their appearance. See John Travolta plastic surgery.

American actor who played in films Ghost Rider and National Treasure neither admits nor denies plastic surgery. So, did Nicolas Cage really get plastic surgery? You decide.


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