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Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery

Nigella Lawson beauty is attracting many people to discuss. Nigella Lawson is an American journalist and TV personality who is known for her beautiful face, and her sexy figure. But as you may guess, those “assets” of her are rumored with plastic surgery.

Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery

Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Many people believe that Nigella Lawson may have had plastic surgery, especially on her face. Facelift, botox and lips augmentation are believed as the procedures of Nigella Lawson plastic surgery.

Let’s see what happened to her face skin. As some plastic surgery experts guess, Nigella Lawson face may have intervened by plastic surgeon. Facelift is considered as secret behind her tight face skin.

It’s likely that Nigella Lawson visited professional plastic surgeon. The face-lift performed by her plastic surgeon is well done. It makes Nigella Lawson’s face looks younger.

Botox is perfect companion for facelift. Botox is useful and powerful in erasing aging signs. Again, Nigella Lawson got perfect result. As we can see in Nigella Lawson Before and After photos, she appears with amazingly smooth face skin. There are no wrinkles, frown and crow’s feet appear.

Nigella Lawson definitely gets good result. Like journalists Kari Byron and Maria Shriver, Nigella Lawson has also taken plastic surgery in a perfect way. Nigella Lawson is 55 years old, but her face is far younger than that.

Nigella Lawson Facelift, Botox

Nigella Lawson Facelift & Lips Augmentation Picture

Nigella Lawson is also said to getting lips enhancement. By comparing her pictures, her lips appear different. Nigella Lawson is possibly taking lips injection. The fillers injected has made her lips fuller. She gets lips injection both in her upper and lower lips. These fillers have surely made her lips sexier.

So, what does she say about her plastic surgery? Nigella Lawson simply says she did nothing over her face change. Do you believe her denial? Regardless her words, we would all agree that Nigella Lawson looks sexy and beautiful in our TVs.

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