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Nikki Bella Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob Job Picture

Nikki Bella Plastic Surgery

Nikki Bella Plastic Surgery Boob Job Before and After Picture

American wrestling is more than just about wrestling. It is also about beautiful, sexy women with athletic body. WWE has produced numerous sexy wrestlers. Nikki Bella is certainly one of the most known divas. Her name topped Pro Wrestling Illustrated‘s Female 50 in 2015. Well, that’s all about her achievement in the ring. Here we are going to talk about Nikki Bella plastic surgery.

As many believe, 32-year-old American wrestler had undergone body enhancement with the help of plastic surgeon. You might have guessed it; Nikki Bella plastic surgery is all about her boobs.

It is easy for many to say that Nikki Bella has got some work done on her breasts. Her before and after picture can help us to see her boobs change. She had smaller boobs and flatter chest before. Those boobs are different today. Her breasts undoubtedly bigger than they were – and even bigger compared to when she is captured with her twin Brie Bella.

Boob job not only changed the size but also the shape. As we can see, she appears with rounder bosom. That shape, however, is so round. It would be hard to say that such a shape coming from natural exercise – even if she works out every day. And it is easier to say that breast implants have been there.

Nikki Bella Plastic Surgery

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella Picture

Considering her big, round boobs Nikki Bella has certainly won fight against the fear of small boobs. If you can tolerate unnatural impression there, you would say she is sexier with that. And plastic surgery again be hero that helps female wrestlers.

Nikki Bella breast implants have been interesting topic to discuss related to her body appearance. And she is not the only female wrestlers with plastic surgery. Some other WWE Divas also took the same especially for the breast augmentation.

We all know their ring is not to fighting but to gaining fame. Nikki Bella plastic surgery shows us that this industry is still a tight business.


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