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Olivia Palermo Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After

Olivia Palermo Nose Job

Olivia Palermo Nose Job Before and After Photo

Olivia Palermo got her fame in 2009, when she appeared in TV series The City. And as you know, Olivia is also known for her lifestyle. Well, 30-year-old American socialite has another thing related to her appearance enhancement. It’s plastic surgery. Since her appearance grabbed many eyes, it would be easy for people to notice every single change on it.

Issue of Olivia Palermo plastic surgery is specifically pointed to her nose. There are many celebrities with nose job, and many think that Olivia Palermo is one of whom who get it. Did Olivia really get plastic surgery?

If we look at Olivia Palermo before and after plastic surgery picture we may not see too significant change on her nose. But that doesn’t mean her nose doesn’t change. We still can see change on it. Some of us would think it’s just effect of her makeup or even weight loss. But we can’t help, many believe that Palermo has undergone nose surgery.

Considering small change on her nose we may say that Olivia may have taken minor Rhinoplasty. Result of procedure she took is good enough. In the After picture we can see her nose is smaller than before. It is mainly the nose bridge, part of her nose that seems to be getting more doctor’s handling. Her nose bridge was a bit wider before the procedure took part

We can also see that her nose alteration change her face appearance significantly. She looks better, more elegant with her new nose. Do you think the same? Connecticut-born woman must be proud of the surgeon work

Among famous nose jobs, many consider Olivia Palermo nose job as one of the best celebrity nose jobs. Many think that Johannes Huebl’s wife got it in a good way. Unlike some celebrities with bad nose job result, La Toya Jackson and Ally Walker for instance, Palermo didn’t go crazy with the Rhinoplasty.

Olivia Palermo Plastic Surgery

Olivia Palermo Plastic Surgery Picture

Well, nose job is the most popular procedure related to Olivia Palermo plastic surgery. As many agree, it’s possible that she has had it. There are some other procedures, though. Some say she might also have breast augmentation and Botox injection. However, these two procedures are hard to prove.

We may not know what will she do in the future, but let’s hope she doesn’t take further plastic surgery. She looks beautiful with her recent appearance, doesn’t she?

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