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Owen Wilson Plastic Surgery, Before and After Nose Job Rumor Pictures

Owen Wilson Broken Nose

Owen Wilson Plastic Surgery Before and After Rumor Picture

Many are questioning the truth of Owen Wilson plastic surgery. As you might have guessed his surgery rumor is related to his nose appearance. Owen Wilson nose job surfaces as he appears with unusual nose bone sits on his face. Did he get some work on the related part?

Some people may believe he got it but Owen Wilson nose surgery is bit hard to prove. Maybe it’s because he has his own reason for his unusual nose. Wilson reportedly had accident when he was young. He broke his nose when he was playing football.

Unluckily, the nose-breaking happened not only once. He broke her nose twice resulting that curved, carved nose bone. Many of us would agree that Owen Wilson looks unusual with that. But instead of taking some nose reshaping procedure Wilson chose to maintain his new nose shape.

On the other hand, the nose job issue suggests that he may have had nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) after the accident and got that nasal bone. You can examine Owen Wilson’s before and after picture to get the idea about the truth of nose surgeon’s involvement. What do you think about Owen Wilson’s broken nose? Is it surgery-free?

Nose job is not the only procedure he allegedly has. Owen Wilson plastic surgery also covers botox injection. If it is hard to decide whether Owen took nose job or not the botox issue should be easier to notice.

Owen Wilson Plastic Surgery

Owen Wilson Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

As the comparison photo captures, he has unnaturally brighter face skin. Compared to his in the few past years, his skin also appears more frozen today. Although the Botox issue remains unclear, many believe he had injected it. Actor who played in film The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) is simply different than before.

Botox has changed faces of some actors in a bad way. Let’s hope Owen Wilson doesn’t follow those poor actors. Have comment about result of about Owen Wilson plastic surgery? Please drop it in the comment section bellow.


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