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Has Park Shin Hye had Plastic Surgery?

Rumours have been circulating for a few years that the Korean actress and singer has had plastic surgery on her face. We take a look at what she is supposed to have had done and whether there is any truth in the rumours.

Park Shin Hye is the 26-year old Korean actress who kicked off her acting career in Stairway to Heaven in 2003. With the young actress entering the public eye at the tender age of just 13, could her changing look be put down to the normal changes every girl goes through, or has she had a little help from a surgeon?

Not Opposed To Plastic Surgery

She has spoken out about the rumours of supposed plastic surgery in the past. Park told one Korean news outlet that she had considered having plastic surgery done but decided against it; “I once seriously thought of it but I decided to take my appearance as it is.”

Like many others in the public eye, Park found the scrutiny of being judged on her appearance led her to question whether she did need plastic surgery. One area of her body that did receive a lot of negative comments about was her nose; this caused her to have doubts about her looks. She said; “Because my nose is not sharp, many people suggest I should get my nose done.”

Park says that she took their suggestions seriously and gave a lot of thought to the idea of having her nose altered. However, she states that in the end she decided that she liked her nose just the way it is; “(The flaws) make me unique and nobody is perfect.”

Park Shin Hye was even complimentary of the confidence-building effect plastic surgery can have on an individual, stating; “If somebody has too much stress about their appearance, they can overcome their inferiority complex through surgery.”

Of course, this does not point to Park, herself having surgery. Although, it does seem odd that someone who is pro-surgery would feel it necessary to deny it, if they themselves have had some.

Did Park Shin Hye Have Her Nose Done?

Now that we know that Park Shin Hye has denied having her nose altered by a plastic surgeon, we can have a look to see if we believe her, or if we think she has had some work done.

When comparing photos of Park from a few years ago and more recently, it does appear that there have been a few changes;

  • In the older photos the bridge of Park’s nose seems to be wider than it is now. The bridge appears slimmer now. This could be down to plastic surgery or some clever make-up.

  • The end of her nose does look bigger in the older photos, it almost looks quite blunt. Compare this to photos of Park taken more recently and you will see that the tip of her nose does look slightly sharper and maybe even a bit more pointed. There is not a big difference, so this could be attributed to changes in her face over time and not surgery.

Has She Had Her Eyes Done?

Another part of Park’s face that has got people talking, is her eyelids. There are some who have questioned whether the young actress has had eyelid plastic surgery.

Double eyelid plastic surgery is considered by people who do not have a natural crease in their eyelid when they have their eyes open. The surgery is done to create this natural eyelid that some people are born without.

Looking at photos of Park Shin Hye it is difficult to decide whether she has had her eyelids altered. This is certainly not something that she has admitted to having done. However, there does seem to be some differences in the photos of her now and her younger self.

  • In older photos, we can clearly see that Park’s eyes appear to be quite small and have a beautiful natural slant.

  • In more recent photos, her eyes do look as if they are wider and that there is a crease in her eyelid that appears not have been there before. How easy would this be to fake with makeup?

Well if she is very good with a make-up brush then it could all be very innocent. What we could be seeing is a very clever use of make-up. The older photos of Park show a young girl who is bare faced and natural. In her more recent photos, we can see that she has graduated to wearing make-up. In particular, she can be seen wearing eyeliner. It could just be that she has become an expert with the eye pencil and has managed to giver herself the effect of a creased eyelid without any of the pain of surgery. There is also a hint of eye shadow, if Park Shin Hye were to apply this to her eyelid, along the line where a crease naturally occurs in other people, then it is possible that she has just created the illusion of a crease.

It is not uncommon for people to use make-up to cover up parts of their appearance that they are not so keen on. Nor is it uncommon for them to use make-up to help accentuate aspects that might be easily missed.

There are plenty of examples; there are those who wear mascara to highlight eyelashes that are so pale that they look non-existent normally. Whilst other people choose to cleverly use lip pencils to make their lips appear fuller than they really are.

Plastic Surgery Is Considered Normal In South Korea

South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world. With one neighbourhood in Seoul boasting 500 plastic surgery centres alone.

There were 980,000 plastic surgery operations carried out in 2014, helping Korea achieve the most plastic surgery operations carried out per capita since 2009.

Interestingly, the most common procedure carried out by plastic surgeons in Korea was the eyelid lift, so the idea that Park may have had this done is not completely out of this world.

Korea is considered to be a competitive nation, therefore the idea that people would be looking at each other and wanting to look better than them is likely. In Park’s case, she might feel that it is her job to look better than others as she is a celebrity.

It is also thought that those who look better get further in their careers. For a young actress, such as Park, this must feel essential when she auditions for roles alongside equally attractive actresses.

Why Might Park Shin Hye Lie About Having Plastic Surgery?

Considering plastic surgery is not considered out of the ordinary for Koreans, why would Park feel the need to lie about it?

Well, there could be many reasons for this. Here we take a look at a few to see if we can get inside her mind and work out what might really be going on;

  • In 2014, at the age of 24, Park was overwhelmingly picked to be the “nation’s little sister”. MBC picked the “nation’s” celebrity family, which was made up of a father, a mother, an older brother and sister and the title won by Park; the little sister.

Park Shin Hye was chosen because it was felt that she had a pretty face, a sweet personality and was a great actress.

She was also picked because it was believed that she was a “natural beauty” who has kept that natural beauty since she started acting.

This could be very telling. As she awarded for her natural beauty, Park may not feel like she can be honest with the public now, as they will be disappointed that she is no longer a “natural beauty”. Or that the surgery may have been performed before she was crowned the nation’s little sister and praised for her natural beauty. This could cause her to feel backed into a corner, unable to be honest with the public.

  • Park Shin Hye is a very popular young actress, not only in Korea but across Asia, thanks to her work in You’re Beautiful. The show was so popular that it gained quite the following and became incredibly popular in Japan.

With popularity comes fans, and with fans comes the sense that they think they can own their favourite actors and actresses. They can be possessive over them and feel as if they have the right to voice their opinion on the ins and outs of their favourite celebrities’ lives.

When it was first suggested that Park may have had the surgery on her nose and eyelids there was a serious backlash from her fans and people who just enjoy being mean online. The chances are, that if Park has had any surgery, after seeing the reaction that the rumours got, she is not willing to deal with the reaction if people found out that she had been lying.

  • Park Shin Hye is a Christian.

It has been commented on in the past, that Park would be averse to altering her appearance, as it would be altering the body that God gave her. This could mean that Park is telling the truth when she says that she has not had surgery. On the other hand, it could mean that she is reluctant to tell the truth, for fear of being judged for going against Christian teachings.

So How Does She Look So Good If She Hasn’t Had Surgery?

Once the rumours started that she had had plastic surgery, Park was then forced to defend her good looks. Looking at photos from her as a teenager as opposed to now, she certainly doesn’t look as if she has aged at all. Of course, she is still only 26-years old. There is no reason for her to be looking old yet!

Park told reporters that she does need to take care of her body to keep it looking as good as it does. She told them, “I am not a slim person so I regularly exercise […]”.

If this is a young woman that is aware of her own body, how it works and what is the best way to keep it looking good, then it is not beyond the realms of possibility that she just has an amazing skin care routine that keeps her looking young and fresh.

Our Conclusion

It almost seems too close to call. It is obvious that her look has changed over the years but it is not clear whether this is due to the natural process of ageing or whether she has had help.

On the one hand, her nose does certainly looks like it has changed shape. The bridge does appear to be narrower and the tip looks more refined and pointed. We must also remember the fact that Park, herself has mentioned that others told her she should change her nose.

There does not seem to be a dramatic change if she has in fact had work done and it still looks quite natural, which could lead us to believe that she is just wearing make-up to contour the shape of it. There are very few recent photos available of Park where she isn’t wearing make-up, which makes it harder to judge if she has gone down the surgical route or just learnt how to contour.

When considering her eyelids, we must again look at whether make-up has played a part in the difference we are seeing between past and more recent photos.

Again, the photos that we see of an older Park, and they always show her wearing make-up. In these photos she has cleverly applied eyeliner and eye shadow to her eyelids, to give the appearance of a natural crease. If the make-up were not there it may be easier to ascertain whether the young actress has had surgery or not.

Whether she has decided to go under the knife or not, one thing cannot be disputed, Park Shin Hye is a beautiful actress with a real talent and the choice, if she has already undertaken it, or if she chooses to in the future, is all hers and she is free to do as she wishes.

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