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Privacy Policy

Here are things this site does with visitor’s visit:

> Collecting Information has Comment form where you need to enter a bit of your information. We can collect information IF you provide it in there (basically your name and your email address). We don’t collect sensitive information since you don’t store your personal information by filling out an order or membership form. But beside by Comment form, we would like to inform you that this site is able to gain your information via cookie. Please continue reading how we use it.

> Cookies

Cookies (small files that a site stores to your web browser or hard drive) make it possible for use to recognize your web browser. With cookies the site can remember your information and activity. This way, this site could deliver better web contents and faster browsing experience in your next sessions. Cookies also helps us to give data about the site traffic. This data is useful for us to make better contents in the future.

Basically, there is nothing to worry about. But, however you can choose to disable cookies in your web browser. Since visitors use different browsers, you can find the steps to disable it from Help menu of web browser you use. But please know, some features of the site might not work well after you disabled cookies.

> Google Services uses some Google services related to privacy. This site uses at least Google Adsense and Google Analytics.

Google Adsense is Google’s advertising program. It uses The DoubleClick DART cookie to serve the advertisements on the site. With this cookie it is possible to know behavior of the user concerning the ads and services offered. The data gathered from cookie will be useful in order to manage and serve better ads. Further information about Google advertising policies (and how to control its cookies) can be found on this URL.

Google Analytics is Google service that enables us to analyze the site. With this Google Analytics we can track and examine the use of this site. Your information can be tracked with this. You can read complete information about Google policy on this URL. Generally we will use this service to make the website better for users/readers.

> Other may have external links which refer to other websites once you click on it. If you do click external links, simply we don’t have control with the other websites referred. That other website may have different privacy policy and has nothing to do with other site’s privacy policy.

> Question?

Basically, all the information collected is intended to make the website better for user/visitor. But if you have question, you can ask us anything related to this site’s privacy policy. Reach us by comment form available.