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Queen Latifah Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Queen Latifah Breast Reduction

Queen Latifah Breast Reduction Before & After Photo

Queen Latifah has had plastic surgery since more than a decade. Breast reduction was procedure of Queen Latifah plastic surgery. She needed to reduce her boobs size due to back pain she experienced. Her F cup size decreased to smaller DD.

Queen Latifah breast reduction and weight loss stole people’s attention. Her plus size body dramatically changed into slimmer one. Latifah’s body change was not too drastic, but it did make her look better.

But things didn’t seem as good as many thought. Queen Latifah was not entirely happy with her smaller boobs. She seemed to regret her breast reduction decision.

“I didn’t quite want them to be this small. I was pretty big. Now I’m like a DD. I wanted to be a triple. They took one D too many! So that was hard to deal with. … I missed my old look.”

Queen Latifah before and after picture can help us to see her chest change. But considering her regret we can say that Queen Latifah shouldn’t have such a flatter chest.

Surgeon work on Queen Latifah’s breasts may be an old story. However, although she once stated she is not kind of plastic surgery addict but she may have had another procedure. Her recent nose is linked with surgeon’s knife.

Many believe she has had nose job done. Queen Latifah whose real name Dana Elaine Owens appears with slight different nose today. Many consider that Queen Latifah is showing another example of black celebrity nose jobs.

Queen Latifah Plastic Surgery

Queen Latifah Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

But, Queen Latifah can control herself. Different with Janet Jackson who went a bit addicted with rhinoplasty, Queen Latifah just got a little touch.

46-year-old American actress, rapper, host simply appears more elegant with her new nose. Surgeon work on her nose should have relieved her disappointment about work on her boobs. Are you also thinking Queen Latifah plastic surgery is good enough? Tell your words in the comment section below.


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