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Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery: Before and After

Rob Lowe plastic surgery is thing he can’t hide. Drastic face change on him makes his fans and public curious. This American actor once denied his plastic surgery reports. However, time could change his mind. As many people and plastic surgery experts think, Rob Lowe may have had plastic surgery.

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

There are three prominent procedures associated with Rob Lowe plastic surgery. Those are facelift, botox injection and chin surgery. And as many Rob Lowe’s before and after surgery pictures spread, he has significant change on those parts of his face.

Facelift is considered as the main procedure causing tight face skin of Lowe. This face-lift tightens his face well. It’s likely that his plastic surgeon has performed mini-facelit. The result of it is good enough.

Rob Lowe cleverly adds botox in his face. This Botox is disappearing frown and wrinkles. That’s why even Rob Lowe is 51 years old but his face looks far younger than his age. It’s a hard task to see aging signs on his face. He is getting younger with the help of facelift and Botox.

Actor who portrayed President John F. Kennedy in Killing Kennedy is reversing her face skin. He looks 10-15 years younger than he should.

Rob Lowe Facelift

Rob Lowe Facelift, Botox, Chin Surgery

Another significant change is found on his chin. As you can tell from Rob Lowe before and after plastic surgery pictures, his chin is more protruding than before. It looks like that something has been planted there. Although he has had long chin since he was young, but his today looks unnatural.

Many people believe that chin implant is the reason behind Rob Lowe’s chin alteration. The implant makes his chin longer, more protruding than his in the past.

Age doesn’t make such change. So, even without his admission, the result of chin implants is hard to deny. We are all wondering his excuse for that, aren’t we? Well, at least let’s hope Rob Lowe doesn’t ruin his face with plastic surgery, like Mickey Rourke does.

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