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Robin Tunney Plastic Surgery

Robin Tunney plastic surgery is kind of rumor. We might not sure if change on her face is a plastic surgery result. However, it doesn’t stop plastic surgery rumor of Robin Tunney. Many still believe that the 43-year-old American actress has had some cosmetic procedure to enhance her beauty.

Robin Tunney Plastic Surgery

Robin Tunney Plastic Surgery Before and After

Some Robin Tunney comparison pictures are used as references. Slight change on her is considered coming from plastic surgery she underwent. So what procedure has Tunney had done? Simple answer; Botox injection.

Yep, Botox injection is the only possible procedure of Robin allegedly plastic surgery. As many people think, this filler was injected in her face to make it stay young and wrinkle-free. This procedure also makes her face to look smoother than before. Simply, recent Tunney’s flawless face is much different with hers before.

We can see it in her Before and After picture. Robin had more natural face appearance before, but it then changed into more, well, unnatural one. If she did take botox, she certainly took it in good dose. It’s different with Botox result on actresses Geena Davis and Diane Lane, Robin Tunney doesn’t worsen her face. American actress who played in popular TV series Prison Break and The Mentalist should thank her doctor for that.

Robin Tunney Botox

Robin Tunney Botox Before and After Photo

However, Robin Tunney denied plastic surgery rumor addressed to her. Back in 2011, as cited at, she won’t get plastic surgery in the near future.

“It’s hard out there. [Unless] you’re one of 10 women [such as] Kate Winslet and Vera Farmiga, there’s a very short list of women working in movies. My long-term plan is to not get any plastic surgery and maybe I’ll get some old-lady roles!”

Well, resuming her words, plastic surgery is actually not an impossible thing. We just don’t know precisely how long is her long-term plan?

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