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Roma Downey Plastic Surgery Before and After

Roma Downey Plastic Surgery

Roma Downey Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Roma Downey was a naturally beautiful woman and we knew it. And as you might also know, her natural face is dramatically changing. Unfortunately, her face change is not a good change, at least that’s what many think. Roma Downey plastic surgery is considered as reason over her unnatural face appearance today.

There’s no clear statement from her related to the plastic surgery issue. But as many guess from her comparison pictures at least she has had facelift and botox injection done. Some sources even suggest the possibility of lips enhancement and some other filler.

You just saw it, Roma Downey plastic surgery picture captures dramatic face change of her, doesn’t it? If she denies plastic surgeon intervention, it would even more difficult to accept that she got such flawless face from her gene. In case you didn’t know, Roma Downey is 55 years old. Yes, she is over 50, time where she would normally show aging signs on her face.

Actually, in general, makeup could help disguising or hiding fine lines and wrinkles. But Roma Downey appears as if her face is made of wax. Her face looks surprisingly smooth and tight. We couldn’t see wrinkles and frown on it. It is reasonable if many believe that Roma has taken benefit of some plastic surgery procedure.

Well, as many guess that face-lift has pulled her face, makes it stay tight even at her over 50. The facelift pulled her face skin a bit overly. It affects her cheek contour, as well as her eyes appearance. We can see that her parts are changing, can’t we?

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The alleged botox comes to add the unnaturalness of her face. As you can tell from Roma Downey before and after plastic surgery pictures, her face looks stiffer than it was. We may miss her natural face expression since it’s rather difficult to see it in the present days.

Roma Downey Facelift

Roma Downey Facelift & Botox Photo

Lips enhancement is another procedure Roma allegedly has. Many think that she has injected her lips with some lips filler. However, change on her lips is not too significant. Or, at least now we see that her lips is not too different with it before. That simply makes the lips enhancement issue of the Irish actress hard to prove. What do you think?

Overall, despite some overdone procedures she took at least we still can say that she’s beautiful enough for woman her age. And we would all agree that Roma Downey should avoid any further plastic surgery. Do you agree?

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