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Roseanne Barr Plastic Surgery Before and After

Roseanne Barr Weight Loss, Tummy Tuck

Roseanne Barr Weight Loss, Tummy Tuck Photo

Roseanne Barr is open enough about her plastic surgery. She has it here and there on her face and body. 63-year-old American actress and politician has taken procedures tummy tuck, breast reduction and nose job. Roseanne Barr plastic surgery didn’t have any relation with health problem. But it was due to marriage problem.

As she herself admitted, Roseanne Barr plastic surgery decision has been since she was with her second husband Tom Arnold. Roseanne told The Guardian in 2008 that she needed plastic surgery so she could ‘go away from him’.

I think that’s why I had all that surgery. Every time I had a break I would have surgery. I think just to get away from him (Arnold) and then when I came back there’d be nurses in the house and I wouldn’t be alone with him.”

Well, plastic surgery may have helped her. At least she is not with Arnold anymore. By comparing her Before and After plastic surgery pictures we can say that she is not only good in acting, but also in taking plastic surgery. Mother of five looks much better after procedures she underwent.

We knew that Roseanne Barr had plus size when she was younger. She then made right choice; tummy tuck and breast reduction. We all can see that the procedures transform her big shape into smaller, slimmer one. Her change is drastic. That’s why Roseanne Barr weight loss and plastic surgery attracted many people.

Roseanne Barr Plastic Surgery

Roseanne Barr Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Another important change also occurs on Roseanne’s nose. It is where she got Rhinoplasty (nose surgery). Like the tummy tuck and breast reduction, the nose job also left  significant change. She used to have bulbous nose. Things just looked bigger due to her puffy cheeks.

Well, nose job made things simpler. This comic looks better with her smaller nose. Roseanne Barr plastic surgery is certainly done in a good way. She has certainly chosen right procedures, hasn’t she?

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