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Ryan Reynolds Plastic Surgery, Before and After

Ryan Reynolds Plastic Surgery

Ryan Reynolds Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Ryan Reynolds has his own plastic surgery rumor. Canadian actor is under suspicion for having enhancement with surgeon help. There are some procedures linked with him. Botox, nose job and cheek implants are possible procedures of Ryan Reynolds plastic surgery.

Some of us might not see significant change on his face. But we can’t help. Many are saying that Reynolds’ change is not too natural. Botox injection becomes procedure that is considered as the main cause. Ryan Reynolds plastic surgery pictures show dramatic change of his face.

It is easy to say that his face looks more unnatural than before. The allegedly botox gave smoother, brighter face in an unnatural way. If he did inject Botox to his face he must have injected it a bit too much. Do you agree?

Beside botox injection, nose job is another procedure Ryan Reynolds reportedly has. Although his nose alteration is not too significant but it is noticeable. Blake Lively‘s husband simply has slimmer nose bridge and smaller nose side in the After photo. That nose is slightly different with it in the past.

His nose was a bit bigger when he was young. This is why some believe that Ryan Reynolds may have undergone Rhinoplasty (nose surgery). Actor who portrayed Hal Jordan in the film Green Lantern (2011) and Deadpool in the Deadpool (2016) looks better with his new nose, doesn’t he?

Ryan Reynolds Botox

Ryan Reynolds Botox Photo

Nose job is not the last rumored procedure. There is cheek implant as an addition. However, unlike result of the botox injection, implant’s is harder to see. At glance you may say his face shape is just the same.

Well, regardless his plastic surgery Ryan Reynolds is a magnet for many. The surgery issue doesn’t seem able to stop his ‘sexiness’.

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