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Sara Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Sara Gilbert Plastic Surgery

Sara Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Sara Gilbert plastic surgery has been around since about ten years ago. That doesn’t mean her plastic surgery is an old story. Actress who played Darlene Conner on the sitcom Roseanne (1988-1997) keeps showing significant change on her face. It’s not natural change, instead unnatural impression on her face suggests some repeated procedures.

Some injection procedures has brought Sara Gilbert’s face to another state. Result of Botox and dermal fillers are too clear to deny. Another important procedure we can’t avoid to say is nose job.

Sara Gilbert’s before and after plastic surgery pictures can explain better. There we can see that her nose has been retouched. You see it, her nose bridge (nasal bone) was bigger when she was young. So did the ala (nose wing). It was simply wider. And what can change such a shape fast with permanent result?

Rhinoplasty is the only best answer available. But, nose surgery can be wrong if the surgeon cut too much the nose parts. Fortunately, Sara Gilbert stopped the procedure when it seemed to be overdone.

We can see that her nose bridge is far slimmer than before. Her nose bump has also been reshaped, making her nose more pointy. However, you might see her nose is unnatural due to drastic change on it. Well, at least Sara Gilbert’s nose job didn’t ruin it.

Sara Gilbert plastic surgery might not be a news if she didn’t take overdone botox and fillers. And she did it. Change on her face skin is obvious. Botox created stiff, frozen face of her. Actress who also portrayed Leslie Winkle on The Big Bang Theory has no wrinkle at her 40s.

It may be good since the Botox disguised her aging signs significantly. But overdone Botox has never been a good thing. She is almost unrecognizable with her new face appearance.

Sara Gilbert Plastic Surgery Picture

Sara Gilbert Botox, Fillers Photo

Sara Gilbert may have also thought that dermal fillers could help maintain her face shape. As you can tell from the comparison photo of her, fillers are highly possible in her cheeks and chin. These parts are different than before. There are more volume. Are you thinking of weight gain?

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