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Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job, Botox

Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery

Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Sarah Jessica Parker is the very talented lead star on Sex and the City, born in 1965, in Nelsonville, Ohio, Parker was one of eight children. She began her acting career at a young age, appearing with four of her siblings in an outdoor production of The Sound of Music. From there she went on to star on Broadway, first in a minor role, then as the titular character of Annie in Annie.

Sarah Jessica Parker is not just known for being an actress, she has also had many lucrative advertising campaigns, including for Gap, where she was paid $38 million to represent the clothing brand in their 2004 Fall adverts, through to their 2005 Spring adverts.

She even has her own perfume called Lovely, which she released in 2005, this was so successful that she followed it up with Covet in 2007 and in February 2009 she released Dawn, Endless and Twilight.

She even found time to create and launch a fashion line in 2007, which she named Bitten.

She is most well-known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, which ran from 1998 to 2004. You may have watched series Sex and the City, and Sarah Jessica Parker may have grabbed your eyes. Her appearance both physical and acting are fascinatingly good in the series, allowed her to receive several awards. But you may want to see her young pictures with different face features as Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery reports are widely spreading.

What Plastic Surgery is Sarah Jessica Parker Rumoured to Have Had Done?

The three areas that people focus on when discussing the idea of Sarah Jessica Parker having plastic surgery are;

  • Her nose; photos from her younger years and photos taken more recently, lead people to believe that she has had a procedure known as rhinoplasty.
  • Botox; there is speculation that her youthful appearance is not just down to a good beauty regime and lots of sleep. There are rumours that she has had Botox to keep her face line free.
  • Her breasts; It is believed that she has had undergone plastic surgery to make her breasts bigger.

With these three procedures in mind, let’s take a look at some before and after photos and see if we can decide for ourselves, whether Sarah Jessica Parker has indeed gone under the knife. Or in the case of the Botox rumours; the needle.

Has Sarah Jessica Parker had a Nose Job?sarah-jessica-parker-nose-job

Change on Sarah Jessica Parker’s nose attracts many to discuss. She can’t hide her bulbous nose when she was young. Not that bulbous actually, but it was big enough. As Sarah Jessica Parker before and after plastic surgery pictures capture, her recent nose is slimmer and narrower than before. 

We can’t think aging process is playing role, can we? If you think she had undergone nose job you are not alone. Many think the same thing. Nose surgery or Rhinoplasty is the best procedure that can change her nose effectively. And SJP must be proud of her nose surgeon work since it made her nose better-looking.

However, we could question whether she has really undergone such a painful procedure which can have quite a lengthy recovery time, when you consider that her nose doesn’t really look that different. Would anybody choose to alter their nose only very slightly?

In Hollywood and indeed a lot of western culture, the prescribed ideal nose is one that is slim along the bridge and slightly pointed and dainty on the tip. Sarah Jessica Parker started out with quite a wide bridge and the tip of her nose could definitely be described as bulbous. Looking at the later pictures, the bridge of her nose does look slightly slimmer but I would not say that the tip looks much slimmer.

In the later photos there appears to be a bit of a bump on her nose, near her eyes. If she had, had surgery on her nose, it does make sense that she would have asked them to put in a bump. This could lead us to the conclusion that instead of having rhinoplasty, she has actually just lost some of her baby fat and this is the natural shape of her nose.

Has Sarah Jessica Parker had Botox?

Botox injection is another undeniable procedure. Sarah Jessica Parker is 51 years old and she appears with flawless face. It could be good news but her porcelain-like forehead could be the bad news. Her face skin appears as if she doesn’t age meanwhile she is over 50. More importantly, she looks unnatural with her frozen face.

So, if you agree that Sarah Jessica Parker appears unnaturally worse, let’s blame her doctor for injecting too much Botox. She could age better without overdone Botox.

Sarah Jessica Parker has been quick to deny Botox rumours in the past. She told one magazine; “I’ve had no Botox, no collagen, nothing. I have lines, but if some of my peers weren’t having things done, I wouldn’t think about it.” As an actress, being able to use a full range of facial expressions will be very important to her. The idea that she would limit her expressiveness does not make sense, for an actress who takes her job seriously.

Botox is incredibly popular in Hollywood. Where there are always new actresses arriving every day, hoping to be the next big star, those who are already there and are not 21 anymore can feel nervous that they are going to be cast aside for a much younger model. This could lead slightly older actresses, such as Sarah Jessica Parker to getting a procedure like Botox done, to make sure that she is still considered for roles.

Sarah Jessica Parker herself, mentions the fact that other actresses in Hollywood have chosen to get Botox and this in turn puts pressure on her to consider it. This could mean that she has given in to the pressure and had it done.

Botox is considered a very simple procedure, that can be carried out in a matter of minutes by a trained professional. The surgeon will inject the Botox – Botulinum Toxin, into the muscles just under the skin where there are facial wrinkles. The muscles will then relax, causing the skin that lies on top of the muscles to smooth out. This is a temporary procedure and the muscles will eventually regain their function, meaning that the procedure will need to be repeated after around three to four months.

Sarah Jessica Parker Breast Implants

Sarah Jessica Parker Before and After Boob Job Photo

Has Sarah Jessica Parker had Breast Implants?

Matthew Broderick’s wife can’t avoid rumor of breast implants. As the comparison photo draws, change on her boobs is significant. Her chest was clearly flatter before it drastically showed volume addition.

Drastic change on her breasts can’t be from natural exercise. It is far bigger and rounder than before. Boob job must have been on Sarah Jessica Parker surgery list. And she got good result. Not only makes her sexier, Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery on boobs  may also cover disappointing results on her face.sarah-jessica-parker-boob-job-photo

The change in shape of Parker’s breasts may not come from exercise alone but we can consider other options that may have contributed to the very different look in her breasts;

  • For starters she has started wearing bras; in a lot of the earlier photos of Sarah Jessica Parker she does not appear to be wearing a bra. She may have felt that she did not need one as she did not have the biggest breasts.

In the more recent photos Sarah Jessica Parker does not only appear to be wearing bras but she also appears to be wearing cleavage enhancing bras, these are certainly giving her bust a lift and also forcing them together, which makes them appear bigger and fuller.

  • She has had a child; as we know, being pregnant causes a woman’s breasts to get bigger as they prepare to be able to breastfeed the child. Sarah Jessica Parker, did get pregnant with her oldest child (her twin daughters were born via a surrogate), this could have caused a change in her breasts which meant that they did not return to their former shape even when she finished breastfeeding her son.
  • She is dressing differently; not only does it look like she has invested in some push up bras, it also appears that she is dressing differently as she gets older. In her younger years, Sarah Jessica Parker tended to wear outfits that covered up her cleavage, making it difficult to see how big her breasts were, or just gave the merest hint of what was underneath.

It would appear that all may not be as it seems with Sarah Jessica Parker’s chest but that doesn’t mean that we can point straight towards her having undergone surgery.

Breast implant surgery does not sound like something that a person would want to enter into without a lot of thought and consideration. The procedure involves; cutting into the skin next or below the breast, positioning the implant inside the chest and stitching the incision back up. The operation should take between sixty and ninety-minutes.

However, the recovery time takes a lot longer, with it taking two to three months for a person to feel fully healed and mobile. This is a big undertaking, especially when you think that a push-up bra can give the same effect without any of the effort, pain and discomfort.

Not to mention the fact that implants don’t last forever and will need to be replaced eventually.

So Did Sarah Jessica Parker have Plastic Surgery?

Sarah Jessica Parker is rumoured to have had three different procedures carried out. Let’s take a look at each one in turn and see if we can determine whether she has gone under the knife or the needle.

A nose job.

Looking at photos of Parker from her younger days compared to more recent photos, it would appear that her nose is slimmer along the bridge and it might also be argued that the tip also looks slimmer and slightly less bulbous.

However, considering how slight the differences are, you would have to ask yourself, why would someone have surgery, to look pretty much the same as they did before?

This would lead us to think that maybe she hasn’t had any work done on her nose but the she has just lost some of her baby fat and that this has come off her face, leaving her with a slimmer nose.


Sarah Jessica Parker has publicly stated that she is not interested in having Botox but that it has crossed her mind due to the fact that other women in Hollywood have had it done. As an actress, her looks play a part in whether she will be chosen for a role. This could lead us to two conclusions;

  • She would never have Botox as this would limit her facial expressions and cause her to not be able to act in a meaningful way.


  • She has chosen to have Botox, to make sure that she is still considered for roles and they are not given to women who have decided to have Botox.

Breast Implants.

There is a real difference between the size and look of SJP’s chest in photos from when she was younger, compared to those taken more recently.

However, there is a big difference in the way she dresses as well. In the past she did not tend to wear a bra and wore tops that covered her cleavage. In more recent photos, her breasts are far more prominent, with tops that are more revealing and the pushed up, pushed together look may just be the result of an excellent bra.

Whatever Sarah Jessica Parker may or may not have done, there is no denying that she does look great and is a great entertainer.

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