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Sarah Michelle Gellar Plastic Surgery

Sarah Michelle Gellar Nose Job

Sarah Michelle Gellar Nose Job Before and After

Sarah Michelle Gellar plastic surgery is popular enough. Many people are speculating whether she has it, or not. However, many sources wrote about the possibility of plastic surgeon intervention on her face. You may even have heard, or read somewhere that Sarah Michelle Gellar is closely linked with procedure nose job. Did Gellar really have nose job?

However, we can’t see significant change on Gellar’s nose. At glance it even just looks the same as it was in the past. But that doesn’t stop the nose job rumor. Some minor Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) became procedure she allegedly underwent.

As always, Before and After picture is the easiest reference we can get to see the possibility of plastic surgery. By comparing her photo many believe that Sarah Michelle Gellar has had nose job done. Do you see changes on her nose? Well, let’s see her nose tip. This part seems to be having more attention from nose specialist.

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From the front face photo of her we can see that her old nose was a little bit bigger, especially on the nose wing. Meanwhile her After picture capture smaller one. Again, the change on her nose is subtle. That’s why many don’t easily believe that Sarah Michelle Gellar has work done on her nose.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Plastic Surgery

Sarah Michelle Gellar Plastic Surgery Before & After Picture

Sarah Michelle Gellar plastic surgery especially for the nose job is so popular. There is another possible procedure, though. Many are also believing the Botox rumor. Botox injection report came to surface after people saw her flawless and smooth forehead. Unlike other celebrities who injected Botox here and there throughout their faces, Sarah seems more focus only on her forehead. And best part of her Botox is she didn’t inject it crazily.

As a result, her forehead appears without frown and other aging lines. She looks beautiful in her nearly 40. What do you think about Sarah Michelle Gellar plastic surgery? Or, do you see other thing than nose job and Botox injection?


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