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Serena Williams Plastic Surgery Breast, Butt Implants

Serena Williams plastic surgery is becoming a hot topic recently. Serena’s body appearance is rumored with some plastic surgery procedures. 34-year-old American tennis player doesn’t too open about her plastic surgery, though. It simply makes people speculate about procedures she possibly has.

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery Before & After Picture

By comparing past and present appearances of Serena Williams many people believe that she may have had work done mainly on her nose, breasts and butt. Like other celebrity plastic surgeries, Serena has taken nose job for her nose and implants for her boobs and butt. Some results of those procedures, such boob job and butt augmentation are easy to see, meanwhile nose job gives minor change.

Let’s discuss her nose first. Serena Williams before and after pictures capture slight nose change. However, it doesn’t stop people to link her nose change with nose surgery (Rhinoplasty). If she did take it then we may say that  her nose specialist has performed mini Rhinoplasty there. It is good for Serena, nose job performed by her plastic surgeon didn’t ruin her nose shape.

If nose job gives slight change, then it different with boob job and butt augmentation. These procedures significantly change Serena’s body appearance. In her comparison photo we can see that she had smaller boobs. In other words, her breasts weren’t as big as today. Serena Williams is rumored to have had breast implants. Implants have successfully transformed her small boobs into bigger ones. She looks sexier with her 36D boobs size.

Serena Williams Butt Implants

Serena Williams Before and After Butt Implants Photo

The ‘next big thing’ is found on her butt. Serena Williams butt augmentation issue is widely spreading on the internet. Like her breast augmentation, the result of Williams’ butt augmentation is also clear. She used to have smaller butt than today. Her backside is almost doubled.

However it is not too clear whether or not she enhances her butt with implants or fat injection. Serena Williams is certainly not as open as singer K Michelle who openly admits butt augmentation. But we believe that plastic surgery is not an exclusive thing for actresses or singers. So, what do you think about Serena Williams butt? Is it fake, or not?

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