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Shannon Tweed Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Shannon Tweed Plastic Surgery

Shannon Tweed Plastic Surgery Before & After Picture

Unlike many other celebrity plastic surgeries that are unclear, Shannon Tweed plastic surgery is documented well. Shannon Tweed and her husband Gene Simmons are certainly plastic surgery addicts. They both have procedures to enhance (read: to ruin) their faces. It seems that the couple want to get the same face shape. Plastic surgery on the couple’s face makes them to appear alike.

Back to Shannon Tweed plastic surgery, 58-year-old Canadian actress has had some procedures done. Facelift, botox injection, nose job, eyelid surgery, browlift and breast implants are procedures she has. The result of those procedures are enough to make her face weirder. Meanwhile breast implants, as it is intended, have successfully maintained her big boobs shape.

It is known that Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons got plastic surgery from Dr. Francis Harry Ryan. And we can see the doctor’s work easily in the Before and After surgery pictures. As the photos show us, Shannon Tweed was naturally beautiful when she was young. Surgery-free of her face attracted many eyes at that time.

But let’s wipe that memory. As she became older Shannon Tweed is an addict of plastic surgery (and erotica). Her face changes significantly. Facelift and Botox certainly erases her natural face, replacing it with much more unnatural one. Tweed’s face looks stiff and frozen. She must have taken procedures excessively. Her comparison pictures can explain better about what she has done to her own face.

Shannon Tweed Breast Implants

Shannon Tweed Breast Implants Before and After Photo

However, unlike bad plastic surgery on her face, Shannon Tweed got better result on her boobs. Breast enhancement via implants has helped her to make her breasts to stay big, tight and sexy even at age nearly 60. Doesn’t she look sexy with her 36C bust size?

The boob job has become her ‘secret’ to reach better career. Many celebrities are also taking the same procedure. Some random real examples; see boob jobs on Shannon Elizabeth and Alyssa Milano.

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