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Shauna Sand Plastic Surgery, Before and After Photos

Shauna Sand Boob Job

Shauna Sand Boob Job Photo

When Shauna Sand first appeared with big boobs in Playboy several years ago many were curious whether it’s real or not. Without clear evidence many believed that Shauna had had breast implants. Today, Shauna Sand plastic surgery especially for the breast implants is not a secret anymore.

Since she has had big breasts since years ago, at glance you couldn’t see significant difference on Shauna Sand before and after breast enhancement. But her 33D bust size came from several boob job procedures. More recently, Shauna Sand appeared on a TV show where she needed some revision procedure to her nipples.

Beside boob job there are also some other procedures linked with her. Shauna Sand plastic surgery involves procedures botox injection, lips injection, filler and browlift. Surgeon’s work on Shauna Sand’s face is easy to notice.

From botox to filler to some browlift, Shauna Sand seems unable to resist plastic surgery temptation. Botox is on top of her rejuvenation list. But there’s nothing good from overdone botox injection.

As we see in Shauna Sand before and after plastic surgery pictures, she looks unnatural with her flawless face. Botox may disappear wrinkles and frown but her face, especially forehead area looks too unnatural.

Some injectable fillers came to change her cheek and lips. Like the boob job, repeated work may have also been performed on her lips. Compared to her lips before, she has now bigger and fuller ones. It is easy to guess that some filler like collagen or juvederm has been injected into both her upper and lower lips.

Volume addition also occurs on her cheek. For this Shauna is believed to have had some filler in it. Some dermal filler may have taken part in changing her cheek contour. As her pictures capture, her cheek is unnaturally puffier than before.

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Shauna Sand Plastic Surgery

Shauna Sand Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Beside cheek, Lorenzo Lamas’ ex-wife also reshaped her brow area. Her higher-than-before eyebrow indicates she has had some work done on it. Works on eyes area are effective way to maintaining someone’s freshness and youthfulness look. Shauna Sand may have wanted it too. The procedure does help her both in making her to look young as well as adding the weird look to her eyes appearance.

What do you think about Shauna Sand plastic surgery? Doesn’t she worse after plastic surgery?

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