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Stacy Keibler Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Stacy Keibler Plastic Surgery

Stacy Keibler Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

We know that Stacy Keibler is a beautiful actress with nice body shape. But there’s doubt whether it is real or fake. Stacy Keibler plastic surgery could be another reason that enhanced some of her assets. She is simply linked with some plastic surgery procedures. The procedures were mainly performed on her nose and boobs.

Yes, nose job and boob job are two most possible procedures from Stacy Keibler plastic surgery. Her before and after pictures show significant change on the related parts. Let’s take a look at her nose.

It is easy to see her bigger nose in the past. Well, her nose wasn’t that big but it’s certainly bigger than it today. Her nose bridge and nose wing have been reshaped. Those parts look slimmer and smaller.

We can see her nose appears very narrow. This change led nose job issue. Nose surgery a.k.a Rhinoplasty is procedure she has possibly taken. And it did change her nose size and shape. Some of us would think that nose is too small for Stacy Keibler’s face. Despite her small nose, at least her nose surgeon didn’t cut her nose overly and didn’t ruin her beauty.

Stacy Keibler plastic surgery also has boob job as procedure to enhance her chest appearance. You know she was a wrestler as well as a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Diva. That could explain why she has her body stayed in shape.

Stacy Keibler Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Stacy Keibler Plastic Surgery Boob Job Photo

And we can see clear boob change on her. 36-year-old American actress, model has her breasts enhanced. Result of some breast augmentation is easy to notice. Stacy’s boobs are clearly fuller and rounder than it were.

Keibler’s decision for taking breast augmentation seemed to be a right choice. Breast implants have made her chest to appear fuller. We can’t deny that she looks sexier with her new boobs. What do you think about result of Stacy Keibler plastic surgery?

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