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Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Before and After

Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery

Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Has Stephanie Pratt had plastic surgery? Well, Stephanie Pratt doesn’t too open about her plastic surgery. However, many consider that her face change comes from some plastic surgery procedures. Stephanie Pratt plastic surgery is also grabbing experts’ eyes. Some say that Stephanie Pratt is highly possible having beauty enhancement at least via nose job, chin implants and some filler injection on her face and lips. Her boobs are also under suspicion. It’s where she is rumored with breast augmentation.

The Hills star put her own name on celebrity plastic surgery list after she appeared with different face. As you can see in Stephanie Pratt before and after plastic surgery picture, significant changes occur on many face features of her. Most notable parts are her lips and chin.

Look at her lips, both Stephanie’s upper and lower lips are bigger than before. We all know that Heidi Montag’s sister-in-law had had thinner lips. Did she think her lips were too thin? It’s easy to tell that her lips have been resized. As many other celebrities have shown, such change is usually caused by lips injection. Filler could be reason over her increased lips volume.

Size change can also be seen on her chin. It’s clear that Stephanie Lynn Pratt has her chin reshaped. Regardless her denial many believe that she has had work done on it. Chin implant is the most possible thing she took there. As the comparison picture shows, she has more protruding, narrower chin. We can see that her chin was not that narrow in the Before picture.

Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Picture

Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery

Another procedure she may have Botox injection. The alleged botox, however, doesn’t seem to help her. Instead of maintaining her youthfulness, it makes her face skin to appear unnatural. She’s nearly 30, but she looks far older than her age.

Not only face, Stephanie Pratt plastic surgery is also involving her body, specifically, boobs. Many think that she has augmented her boobs size with breast implants. However, just like the nose job issue, this boob job is also not too clear. You can make your own opinion, though. Share your comment about her plastic surgery in the comment section bellow.

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