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Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift Pictures

Susan Lucci plastic surgery news is always becoming a hot topic. Many people think that Susan Lucci is another Hollywood celebrity who takes plastic surgery. She doesn’t openly admit her plastic surgery, though. So, has Susan Lucci had plastic surgery? Well, as many people think, Susan Lucci did get plastic surgery. In her old age, Susan Lucci seems to getting more addicted visiting plastic surgeon office.

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Several procedures may have done. Among those are facelift, browlift, botox, chemical peel and breast implants. In simple sentence, Susan Lucci has addicted with plastic surgery. She may have obsessed with stay young forever.

Let’s talk about the result. Susan Lucci seems get both the advantage and disadvantage of plastic surgery. The advantage of Botox and face-lift  is obvious. These procedures effectively erase frown, wrinkles and other aging lines on her face. Chemical peel and brow-lift are things that support her youthful look.

No surprise many people then mistaken the actual age of Susan Lucci. How old is Susan Lucci? Lucci was born on December 23, 1946. Our Erica Kane on drama All My Children is 69 years old. She is nearly reaching her 70. But, her appearance is much younger than she should. Susan Lucci looks 30 years younger, and that is amazing.

But although she maybe succeed with all the bet she play with plastic surgery, but she is not entirely won. Oftentimes, Susan’ face appears so unnatural. She looks like walking wax because of her stiff and frozen face.

Susan Lucci Breast Implants

Susan Lucci Breast Implants Before and After Picture

Boob job is another procedure on Susan Lucci beauty enhancement list. It is breast implants that make her boobs appear sexier. She often wears sexy low-cut neckline dresses showing her cleavage. Just like her Before and After picture draw, her breasts are rounder and fuller compared to hers before. Many people easily guess that Susan Lucci has taken plastic surgery of breast implants. Well, she looks sexy even in her old age.

Many of celebrities’ before and after plastic surgery photos shock the public. Susan Lucci is one example. Susan Lucci before and after plastic pictures show the miracle of surgeon help. Thanks to plastic surgery, Susan Lucci ‘tells’ us that no one needs to worry about being old. You can get your young face with plastic surgeon’s help.

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