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Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Before After

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Among celebrity plastic surgeries, Susan Sarandon’s is popular enough. And what differs Susan Sarandon plastic surgery with most other celebrities is her openness. 69-year-old American actress has openly admitted that she has had work done. Actress who played in films Dead Man Walking (1995) and Tammy (2014) said that her plastic surgery was mainly performed on her chin and her eyes.

Liposuction is main procedure of Susan Sarandon plastic surgery. New York-born woman said that she took liposuction to reduce excess skin on her chin and eyes area. The procedure she underwent seems to helping her face appearance significantly. We can see doctor’s work in Susan Sarandon Before and After plastic surgery picture easily.

Result from procedures she underwent certainly helps her to maintain her face appearance. Susan Abigail Sarandon looks younger with minimal sagging skin on her chin. Her eyes also looks fresher after the plastic surgery. No more bag under her eyes which most women her age usually have.

Tighter face of Susan Sarandon is also disguising aging signs. We couldn’t see frown and wrinkles on her face easily. It also makes us forget about her actual age. This condition makes many people believe that Susan Sarandon has taken some other procedure over her youthful face. Botox is procedure rumored with her flawless face.

But Susan denied the Botox allegation. It was said that Susan Sarandon didn’t want to take Botox as she wanted her face  to be able to move. Yep, as we know, Botox could make someone’s face to be difficult to show its natural expression since face couldn’t move freely due to Botox existence. About her face Susan said that it’s effect of her makeup. Well, let’s hope so.

But Susan Sarandon plastic surgery doesn’t stop there. There is another procedure that she possibly has; boob job. Unlike plastic surgery on her face, Sarandon didn’t too honest about possible surgeon’s intervention on her boob. However, even without her admission we can see significant change on her chest. As many believe, breast augmentation via breast implants is the most possible procedure she underwent.

Susan Sarandon Boob Job

Susan Sarandon Boob Job Photo

The implants simply changed her boobs appearance. It’s easy to see Sarandon’s big boobs since as we know that her openness is not only about her plastic surgery admission but also her dress. She often appears with dresses that clearly showing her cleavage.

And as we see in the comparison picture, her boobs look bigger as well as tighter than before. Susan Sarandon looks sexier with her 34D boob size, doesn’t she? Her boobs become more interesting when we remember that she is almost 70. Her boobs amaze us, don’t they? You may say your thought in the comment section below.

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