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Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery, Before After Facelift

Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery

Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Sylvester Stallone shows us that even old men can’t avoid temptation of plastic surgery. Sylvester Stallone plastic surgery is being hot subject discussed in many forums. No surprise, his face appearance is dramatically changing. Sadly, the change is not a good one.

Some procedures such as facelift, botox injection and browlift/forehead lift are linked with Stallone change. We can see result of the alleged procedures clearly in his before and after plastic surgery photo. Most notable thing is his uneven face skin.

Many think that it is due to his sagging skin. We know that Sylvester Stallone is not young, passionate Rocky Balboa anymore. He is 69 year old. It is normal for men his age having wrinkles and saggy skin here and there on his face and body.

Maintaining youthfulness can be main motive behind his facelift decision. However, as we can see in the comparison pictures, the facelift didn’t seem to enhance his face appearance. Instead of makes his face to look younger, the facelift erases his natural face. It seems that his surgeon has performed the procedure a bit too far.

Facelift is not the only procedure that is performed more than enough. Botox has also been injected too much. We can say so as his face looks unnaturally smoother and brighter than before.

Sylvester Stallone Facelift

Sylvester Stallone Facelift, Botox Photo

Another procedure we can’t avoid to say as a part of Sylvester Stallone plastic surgery is browlift. It’s easy to judge that Sylvester’s brows have been reshaped. We all know that high brow has become character of his face. But not all of us know, or at least forgot that his brow was not that high when he was young.

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His before-after picture could explain his brow change better. Well, like mother like son. Sylvester may have copied his mother, Jackie Stallone’s brow shape. They have similar brow shape. But it’s not coming from their blood, it’s possible gift from plastic surgeon. What do you think about Sylvester Stallone plastic surgery? Has he been inspired by his mother?

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