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Tamar Braxton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tamar Braxton Plastic Surgery

Tamar Braxton Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Tamar Braxton has denied her plastic surgery issue. She simply conveyed that changes on some of her face features are caused by natural factor. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop reports about Tamar Braxton plastic surgery. As many believe, 39-year-old American singer has had work done.

Nose job is procedure that’s closely linked with Tamar Braxton. Let’s forget her denial first. Tamar Braxton plastic surgery pictures could help us to see the change. Her nose change, however, is subtle. We couldn’t see significant change. But what makes people thinking of nose job is perhaps unnatural look on it. Well, if she does have nose job she must have taken it wisely. Unlike Janet Jackson who “cut” almost all of her nose cartilage, Tamar Braxton may have taken minor Rhinoplasty (nose surgery).

Other possible procedures are cheek and lips augmentation. Results of these two procedures are easier to notice. See her cheeks, aren’t those cheeks plumper than before? Just like some believe, that recent cheek appearance of Braxton suggests the possibility of cheek augmentation. Some filler may have been there.

Tamar Braxton is no different with Kerry Washington who allegedly has implants in her cheeks to change its volume. But, as you might think, recent cheek of Tamar Braxton is just supporting the unnatural look of her face.

Tamar Braxton Lips Injection

Tamar Braxton Before & After Lips Injection Photo

Filler is also possibly in her lips. Although we know that Tamar Braxton has had thick lips since she was younger but the difference is noticeable. By examining comparison photos of Braxton we can see change on it, can’t we?

Tamar Braxton has fuller lips in the After picture. It looks like that her lips have been reshaped. Lips augmentation via lips injection may have been performed there, both in upper and lower lips of Tamar. What do you think about Tamar’s new lips? Is it sexier? Or…?

Well, Tamar Braxton may deny her plastic surgery issue, but many seem to deny her denial. How about you? Do you believe that Tamar Braxton has had plastic surgery?

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