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Tamra Barney Plastic Surgery, Before and After Photo

Tamra Barney Breast Implants

Tamra Barney Breast Implants Photo

Tamra Barney is a plastic surgery addict. Her addiction is at least to boob job. The Real Housewives of Orange County star has had five boob jobs to date. Tamra Barney, or Tamra Judge visited plastic surgeon office to get implants, remove it and plug it again with different implant sizes. Breast implant is not the only procedure of Tamra Barney plastic surgery.

Some other works may have also been done to her face. There are indications of Botox, cheek implants, face and lips filler on her face.

Tamra Barney Boobs Job

Among other procedures, boob job is the only she openly admits. Well, even without her admission there are least boob job photos of her documented well. You can find clip when she was getting the procedure easily on the internet.

As Tamra revealed, she herself has undergone boobs job five times. Her addiction to breast enhancement started after her first child. Mother of four then continued her “tradition” after their third child. She has had it five times in total.

“I had them put in… then taken out, and now I want them back.”

You maybe know better that she had sudden big DD bust size a few years ago. Her implants then removed when the TV show not in the air. Eddie Judge’s wife just couldn’t get enough. She back and forth the surgeon’s office to change her boobs size. Most recently, Tamra Judge got smaller implants.

Tamra Barney Botox, Fillers

Many have suspicion related to her face appearance. Tamra’s face fillers have been a long issue. Unlike the boobs job, Tamra is not too open about cosmetic surgery on face. We can’t help. Many believe Tamra has injected Botox and some other filler to her face.

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Filler may have also been in her lips. You can examine Tamra Barney before and after surgery photos to see the possibilities of the alleged procedures. Well, many say that she looks more unnatural due to her flawless, smooth face. Her age, 48,  should have made her worried about aging signs.

Tamra Barney Plastic Surgery

Tamra Barney Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Tamra Barney Cheek Implant

Volume addition happens not only on her chest area but also cheek. Tamra’s fuller cheeks have sparked another possible procedure; cheek implant. We can see in the comparison pictures how her cheeks have changed.

Tamra Barney was once asked by host Andy Cohen on his show Watch What Happens Live about her face. Tamra simply denied every surgery-related thing. But her denial ended when the so-called Andy’s expert analysis pointed out “new stuff in her cheek”.

“Maybe just a little,” Barney replied.

However, it is not too clear what she has had there. But considering her recent cheek appearance, fillers could be the answer as an alternative to cheek implants. Well, she looks different with her new cheek. It is unnaturally puffier and fuller than before, isn’t it?

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