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Tara Lipinski Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Tara Lipinski Plastic Surgery

Tara Lipinski Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

When it comes to plastic surgery, Tara Lipinski should be on the list. Issue of Tara Lipinski plastic surgery is widely spreading as 33-year-old former American skater appears different than usual. Some changes on her face simply make people to link her with plastic surgeon intervention on it.

There are several procedures she may have. As many believe, Tara Lipinski plastic surgery involves procedures Botox injection, cheeks augmentation and nose job. Rumors also suggest the possibility of breast augmentation and facelift. However, the last two procedures are rather hard to prove.

Let’s see what happened to her cheeks first. As Tara Lipinski Before and After plastic surgery pictures show us, these parts look plumper and fuller than it used to. We can see that Tara Lipinski had slimmer cheek when she was younger. Although we know that weight gain could affect her cheeks shape but many tend to believe that some unnatural process has taken part there.

Recent cheeks of Tara Lipinski are linked with cheek augmentation. By examining her cheek many think that cheek implants are answer behind her cheek change. However, it seems that she has gone a bit too far with the procedure. Tara Lipinski appears somewhat unnatural with such chubby cheeks. Do you think the same?

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Another nonsurgical procedure is Botox injection. Well, we may not sure about this popular procedure on Lipinski. However,  smooth and flawless face skin of her sparks the Botox issue. Tara Lipinski often appears with unnatural face which is too smooth or even frozen.

Tara Lipinski Cheek Surgery, Botox

Tara Lipinski Cheek Augmentation & Botox Photo

Important change also occurs on Tara Lipinski’s nose. Many can’t hold themselves from saying nose job as one of procedures Tara Lipinski may have. We couldn’t deny that her pictures do show nose differences, and it is easy to notice, isn’t it?  Considering other celebrity nose jobs with subtle change, Tara Lipinski may have also undergone minor Rhinoplasty (nose surgery).

Tara Lipinski plastic surgery, however, is not too clear. She didn’t openly talk about it. But as we know, many believe that Tara Lipinski has had plastic surgery. Do you believe?


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