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Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery Before and After

Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery

Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Despite her unconfirmed procedures, Teri Hatcher plastic surgery still becomes a hot topic to date. Many can’t resist to agreeing that Teri has had more work done. You might know it before that Teri Hatcher is linked with some procedures. Facelift, Botox injection and even breast augmentation are procedures she allegedly has.

Teri Hatcher once denied plastic surgery.  But Teri’s denial doesn’t seem to stop her plastic surgery reports. Many people still believe that Teri Hatcher is no more natural. She actually is. It was said that Teri Hatcher is a big fan of Botox. However, she then claimed that she has stopped using it. Did she?

Let’s take Hatcher Before and After plastic surgery pictures as reference. As many people strongly believe that Teri may have other secret behind her tight face skin.

Popular combo of facelift and Botox injection could be the secret. We can see it, her face looks more unnatural after the alleged facelift and Botox. Her face skin appears so tight and amazingly smooth. This condition is certainly different with it in the past. She looked far natural in the Before picture, didn’t she?

Chance of Hatcher facial rejuvenation via surgeon knife is bigger when you remember her actual age. California-born actress was born on December 8, 1964, or is simply 51 years old. Don’t you think her wrinkle-free face is too good for her age?

Teri Hatcher Boob Job

Teri Hatcher Boob Job Photo

American actress who portrayed Susan Mayer on series Desperate Housewives is also rumored to have had work done to her boobs. But unlike Eva Mendes and Jennifer Love Hewitt with their clear boob jobs, Teri Hatcher boob job is rather hard to prove. But many think that her breasts are bigger and tighter than before due to breast implants. However, by examining her picture we can say that Teri Hatcher has had those since she was younger.

Nothing can stop Teri Hatcher plastic surgery report, though. Rounder boobs of her bring herself to the rumor of boob job.  Do you believe Teri Hatcher has taken benefit of boob job?


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