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Tina Turner Plastic Surgery, Before and After Botox & Boob Job

Tina Turner Plastic Surgery

Tina Turner Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Plastic surgery has become a long issue surrounding Tina Turner’s life. U.S-born singer who has Swiss citizenship can’t hide significant change on her face and body. She is a legendary singer and is at her 70s. Tina Turner plastic surgery simply grabs attention of many, including plastic surgery experts.

Tina Turner appearance is linked with several procedures. Injection in her face is the most known procedure. In addition to the injection there are also some surgical methods such as eyelid surgery, breast implant and possibly nose job.

Botox and some other fillers have been injected to her face. An American plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer gave clue where the botox and dermal fillers are.

“Tina Turner has a very beautiful and smooth complexion.  She most likely uses Botox to her forehead, dermal fillers to her cheeks and to fill in fine lines, and she appears to have had her upper eyelids done (Blepharoplasty).”

Tina Turner’s before and after plastic surgery pictures help us to see what expert means. Turner has smoother face than before, and as if she is reversing her age. She is 76 years old but as you would say, she appears younger than her age. Botox has decreased frown effectively on her face. Sometimes she looks a bit unnatural with her flawless forehead but she looks good with it, doesn’t she?

Another good work appears on her nose. Here Tina Turner has reportedly had nose job done. However, considering her nose change we can say that she didn’t go crazy with Rhinoplasty. Except for her nose tip, the alleged procedure left minor change on some other her nose parts.

Tina Turner Breast Implants

Tina Turner Boob Job Photo

Boob job is a procedure we can’t avoid to say. Unlike change on her nose, change on her boobs is more significant. It’s clear that she had smaller breasts and flatter chest before. Thanks to breast implants Tina has bigger, fuller boobs.

Eyelid surgery can be the only procedure she took a bit too far. It seemed that her surgeon has performed the blepharoplasty more than enough. As a result, Tina Turner eyes look more unnatural. Luckily, Tina Turner seems wise enough in taking the other plastic surgery procedures. We can’t deny that she appears younger and sexier after plastic surgery.

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